1. Robert Urbanek

    Government mandates waste in healthcare system

    I have personally witnessed government regulations that encourage waste in the healthcare system. I had a very ill friend on Medicare and Tricare. When she was discharged from a physical rehabilitation center, they gave her a free wheelchair. I asked, instead, for a free transport chair, which...
  2. Robert Urbanek

    Save Earth: Attack Christmas

    The Earth would be a lot cleaner place if we eliminated gift-giving on Christmas. Household waste increases by 25 percent between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day: an extra one million tons a week in US landfills, much of it merchandise boxes, gift wrapping and discarded Xmas trees. Nearly 60...
  3. P@triot

    Your tax dollars, hard at work...

    This is the kind of inexcusable absurdity that the left delivers. And it is why we are $21 trillion in debt. Feds Spend $30,257 to Help Transgenders Change Their Voice
  4. Slade3200

    What of HHS Sec Tom "Leaving on a jetplane" Price?

    Are we all unified in the accusation that HHS Secretary Price was in the wrong and extremely hypocritical with his private jet ventures? Is anybody making excuses for him? Do y'all think he should be fired? fined? let off with a warning?
  5. P@triot

    This ‘Endangered Species’ Story Was Government-Sponsored Fake News

    This is what happens when the federal government steps outside of its constitutional authority. Waste. Fraud. Abuse. Ineptitude. Corruption. So it took them 30 years and $670,000 of tax payers money for them to acknowledge they were "fixing" a problem that never existed. This ‘Endangered...
  6. anotherlife

    How to reduce waste, overproduction, and destruction?

    Manufacturers want their products destroyed after selling them, so that they can sell the next one. Isn't this perverted? How about extending the idea of leasing, to route back cash to the manufacturers from the life of the products instead of just the sale? Why can't we allow manufacturers...
  7. P@triot

    In the spirit of October - this is frightening

    Few things are more frightening than the way the federal government throws hundreds of billions of dollars of your money around unconstitutionally every single year.
  8. P@triot

    And to think that progressives believe government is their savior

    The amount of waste, fraud, and abuse in government is astounding and far exceeds anything ever witnessed in corporate America. If any corporation was guilty of a billionth of the fraud that the government is, progressives would be rioting in the streets... In 2013, Maximus, a Virginia-based...
  9. P@triot

    Your hard earned tax dollars at work

    The waste, fraud, and abuse at the federal level has reached nauseating levels. This has to stop. Government Agency Spent Millions on PR Campaign

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