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war on women

  1. The Original Tree

    Baby Formula Stockpiled in Warehouses at The Southern Border while American Families in a panic to feed their Babies.

    Joe Biden and the DemNazi Party's continued war on women and babies rages on. The Biden Administration has closed one major US Baby Formula Manufacturer and has at the same time rejected shipments of formula from overseas due to their Fascist Dictatorial Powers they granted themselves during a...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Republican War on Women

    There has been some recent blather about a Democratic war on women by invoking issues such as defending the participation of Transwomen in women's sports. While it is questionable as to whether or not that is in fact an attack on women (Transwomen are women) there is no question that the...
  3. anotherlife

    Trump/Clinton: war on women?

    During the campaign, much was said on the war against women. A lot of that was about the right to planned parenthood and various healthcare aspects for women. In those debates, the war on women is a questionable fact. But we can find facts about the war on women that are plain and obvious...

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