voter suppression

  1. georgephillip

    How Trump Stole 2020: the Silence of Democratic Lambs

    What do timber interests, nuclear power, and off-shore drilling have in common with voter suppression in Georgia, and what does that have to do with November 3rd? Greg Palast's new book contends Brian Kemp's 2018 win in the Peach State was a test drive for Republican voter suppression tactics...
  2. deanrd

    Here are a lists of things Republicans can and can’t run on for the midterms.

    Here are a lists of things Republicans can and can’t run on for the midterms. They can’t run on tax cuts because the tax cuts went to the top 1%. They can’t run on the deficit because they’ve increased it enormously. They can try to run on jobs, but they’ve increased the pay gap enormously...
  3. Lakhota

    Republican insider cheating to win Georgia governor

    Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate for governor, is in charge of elections and voter registration in Georgia. ATLANTA (AP) — Marsha Appling-Nunez was showing the college students she teaches how to check online if they’re registered to vote when she made a troubling discovery. Despite being...
  4. SYTFE

    Once Again, The GOP's Interstate Crosscheck Purging Program Steals Another Election

    Just like it worked to hand Trump the election by tipping the electoral college in the GOP's favor, Republican shitbag Kris Kobach's Crosscheck program gives the GOP a win in Georgia. Watch here to see how this program works: Greg Palast: How Racist Voter Suppression Could Cost Jon Ossoff the...
  5. SYTFE

    "Forget The Conspiracy Stuff, Tens Of Thousands of Ballots Were Not Counted"

    Investigative reporter, Greg Palast, who's been reporting on various programs designed to target specific voting groups such as "CrossCheck," says that "hacking is not an issue." It's the fact that tens of thousands of ballots simply were not counted, thanks to these voter suppression efforts...

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