1. Ghost1776

    Vaccine injury post where you can see people injured by the jab

    This, if allowed to be pinned is where I can put vaccine injuries from people and or sources that show has is happening to them. Post 1. On an injury This has happened to thousands if not millions of ppl.
  2. The Original Tree

    Blacks are Right to Refuse The Vax

    Blacks are right to refuse the vax. Black Americans are the single largest demographic in The US refusing to take the vaccines and with good cause. Look what the GOV has done to them over the years. Why should anyone trust The GOV to put things in to your body, or to manage your health care...
  3. J

    6th Circuit used Humpty-Dumpty theory of language to allow Biden's vaccine mandate

    Two members of a three-panel 6th Circuit Court of Appeals RULING applied the Humpty-Dumpty theory of language to the meaning regulating commerce among the states, in letting stand the Biden Administration's vaccine mandate. “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone...
  4. J

    The rule of law and OHSA’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate

    Where in the Constitution has our federal government been delegated a power to enter the states and compel business owners therein to force their employees to be inoculated with a foreign substance, and one they do not want injected into their body? Seems to me that Hamilton’s summary of the...
  5. J

    Latest news on New York City's vaccine mandate

    December 8, 2021 Judge to review New York City vaccine mandate for public sector "NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New York judge has scheduled a hearing for next Tuesday to consider whether to block New York City from enforcing its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for public-sector workers." So, I guess we...
  6. J

    New York City Police Benevolent Association fights COVID vaccine mandate in court

    See: PBA files lawsuit against COVID vaccine mandate for NYPD, city workers Oct 25, 2021 STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The New York City Police Benevolent Association says it filed a lawsuit Monday against the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all city workers, including the NYPD. The union...
  7. J

    Government mandated COVID vaccination and the rule of law . . . strict scrutiny

    . I thought it would be interesting to discuss a government mandated vaccine and the rule of law. The fact is, legally speaking, any government mandated vaccine, in order to not violate personal protected rights guaranteed under our system of law, must meet a “strict scrutiny” standard so as...
  8. J

    judge tells COVID vaccine jabbers to put up or shut up

    See: DARRIS FRIEND V CITY OF GAINESVILLE . . . Case No. 01-2021-CA-2412 15. If the government fails to put on evidence of its compelling state interest, as the City failed to do here, the Court is not required to (and, in fact, cannot) make factual findings that the government has any...
  9. Lesh

    Covid cases on the rise in Florida

    So Florida is experiencing infections numbers higher than at any point in the pandemic and what does Governor Covid do? Simply stop reporting the numbers. Nope. No numbers for two days...after having to add eight HUNDRED deaths to the numbers they reported in July...
  10. J

    When the iron fist of government is used to compel you to take the Covid vaccine …

    It becomes quite troubling to learn the vaccine is not only experimental, but it has proven to cause considerable deaths and hospitalizations across the country: SEE: 159 Dead, 593 Hospitalized in Illinois Breakthrough COVID Cases July 21, 2021 "More than 150 people have died and nearly 600...
  11. toobfreak

    CBS Back To Their Vaccine Lies Again?

    A private school in Miami is advising staff NOT to get the vaccine. The vaccines do not apparently immunize you. The vaccines can often have bad side effects. The vaccines are not tested or FDA approved. Like the 2020 election, despite numerous questions, we are again being told to just ACCEPT...

    COVID-19 VACCINE: What?

    Sorry. I tried to link something specific but I failed. So I'll just link the home page instead:
  13. Robert Urbanek

    Stage 3 testing doubts

    So, tens of thousands of people are in stage 3 of various COVID-19 vaccine tests. Some get the vaccine, others a placebo. But how does this work exactly? I am guessing that nearly all the volunteers are acutely aware of the dangers of the disease. If nearly all use masks and do social...
  14. B

    Trump/Gates "vaccine"

    As I'm sure you know, the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is funded by the Bill/Melinda Gates Foundation. Trump has met with Gates. They seem to be "friends." Even though Trump was promoting hydroxycholorquine (HCQ) early and has met with the censored "White Coat Summit"...
  15. RodISHI

    Why isn't DOJ prosecuting this medical fraud?

    These people treating our tax dollars as their personal bank accounts and creating bogus health studies should be prosecuted to the fullest and should not be free to run loose for years on end. BREAKING: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls for extradition of CDC vaccine criminal mastermind Poul Thorsen...
  16. Ancient lion

    Ebola Vaccine 100% Effective in Phase 3 Clinical Trial

    The final results from a phase 3 trial of a recombinant, replication-competent vesicular stomatitis virus–based candidate vaccine:
  17. RodISHI

    More coming out on the danger of vaccines

    What is wrong with a little bit of poison and aluminum purposely being added by way of vaccines and the food supply? Dementia Now Afflicting People in Their 40s as Mercury from Vaccines Causes Slow, Degenerative Brain Damage

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