1. Y

    Memories of Quantico

    The jet airliner flew us to Dulles in DC and we got off the plane and got onto a bus. We rode down wooded highways and byways to an exit that said "Quantico". Once the bus got to the tarmac a corporal got on the bus and started yelling, "Get off the bus! Get off! Get off! Get off! Get...
  2. Owsi68

    US Military History: Siege of Peking

    On this day in 1900 the Boxer Rebellion began with a siege of foreign delegates in Peking, China. Some would think "What the heck is the Boxer Rebellion?" Others might think of this movie ... But I wonder how many of you think of the United States Marine Corp? Here's the simple backstory...
  3. 336

    Pros and Cons of Each Branch

    While I'm almost dead set on joining the Marines I still would like to gather more information on each branch to help solidify my position. I was hoping everyone here who has served can shed some light on the pros and cons of their particular branch. What's the best part of your branch? What's...
  4. 336

    My Plan to Join the USMC

    Hello everyone, I've been considering joining the USMC for years now; various things kept me from enlisting when I turned 18, but I'm at a critical junction in my life where I believe it is time to enlist; I'm 22 years old. I have been steadily improving my PFT score and ASVAB score over the...

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