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  1. D

    Why do the U.S. support Ukraine which has Nazi laws?

    In the middle of April, I published an article which dealt with the question whether some Ukrainian laws are the Nazi ones (see here). This article was discussed on USMB (see here) and nobody could disprove that these laws are the Nazi ones, indeed. It’s an obvious fact that, for example...
  2. 6915THESS

    US Star Wars project involved partnering with Russia released documents show

    Interesting history here... Newly released British classified records show that in the early part of the 1990’s, the #British Government became nervous over the prospect that President George H. W. Bush’s administration was considering having Russia as a partner with the “Star Wars” missile...
  3. G

    Is the Battle of Armageddon beginning (N. Korea says will attack U.S.)

    North Korea says that it is going to attack Armageddon beginning? N. Korea threatens pre-emptive nuclear strike on South, US
  4. Anonymous1977

    So why was America militarily aiding Muslim Afghanistan against the Soviet Union if Muslims do...

    Title: So why was America militarily aiding Muslim Afghanistan against the Soviet Union if Muslims do what they do?... Soviet–Afghan War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
  5. Anonymous1977

    Pres. Putin points out that America has not been attacking I.S. oil convoys. Why have we not?

    BREAKING: Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members -
  6. Anonymous1977

    So why exactly can't the U.S. (the greatest military on earth) stop this...?

    Warning: GRAPHIC IMAGES in link: First video at (need to be logged in at Facebook to see video:) Guy de Boever | Facebook -
  7. Anonymous1977

    "Russia bombing CIVILIANS in Ghouta, Syria;" will Putin be treated like Gaddafi?

    Here is a news story and video about Russia bombing civilians in Ghouta, will the U.S. and it's allies treat Pres. Putin like "Col." Gaddafi was treated for his killing?... Russia drone footage shows devastated Damascus suburb (Video title: "'Russia bombing CIVILIANS in Ghouta...
  8. Anonymous1977

    The American government/The Good Samaritan

    ...the American government is a true Good Samaritan in looking after the wounded disabled...this is the story of the Good Samaritan from the New Testament in the Bible...: :) "(29)But he, willing to justify himself, said unto Jesus, And who is my neighbour? (30)And Jesus answering said, A...
  9. Anonymous1977

    Russia -vs- "U.S. backed terrorists": US charges Russia with bombing civilians. Will Putin...

    Will Putin get the Gaddafi treatment?: Moscow demands US-led coalition in Syria 'prove or deny' allegations Russia is 'bombing civilians'

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