us constitution

  1. P@triot

    Another monster win for liberty, limitations of power, and the American people

    The Supreme Court ruled that Joe Biden grossly over-stepped his authority. Thank God for this Supreme Court. A great week for the American people and the limitations of power.
  2. Foxfyre

    Finally! Supreme Court rules in favor of First Amendment rights for Christians etc.

    Just in. The Supreme Court just ruled that a Christian graphic artist was not required to work with same sex couples for a wedding website. Does that mean the baker no longer has to bake a wedding cake with designs for a same sex couple?
  3. P@triot

    Joe Biden couldn't wait to start issuing unconstitutional orders

    Joe Biden couldn't wait to start issuing illegal/unconstitutional orders. The President of the United States cannot create, abolish, or alter law. And our immigration laws are laws.

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