1. Papageorgio

    People Helping People, We Need More of These Stories

    Uber driver surprises fast food worker with new clothes after hearing about her struggles The Uber driver didn't hesitate! This story will never make headlines or spark a negative debate but it is a faith restoring story.
  2. AveryJarhman

    Video - Uber Driver Vs Entitled Drunk Girls

    "Uber Driver Vs Entitled Drunk Girls" It isn't just the Uber driver's car, it is in fact an Uber driver's PLACE of BUSINESS. This driver has every right to decide who he does business with...just as I have the right to be shocked and dismayed by his angry, crude, vulgar, un-business like...
  3. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Uber, Lyft, DC restaurants to ban 'Unite the Right' rally participants; Twitter suspends accounts

    Uber, Lyft, DC restaurants to ban 'Unite the Right' rally participants; Twitter suspends numerous far-right accounts White supremacists and white nationalists heading to Washington, D.C., for Sunday’s second Unite the Right rally may have trouble finding a way to get there or a place to eat...
  4. HaShev

    How can the Gov't straight faced charge Uber with erasing requested data?

    Now they say (admit) erasing data that was requested to be saved and handed over to the Gov't is a crime and want to charge Uber with that crime. Won't Uber's lawyers just site Hillary's case? *slaps forehead* Let's see how the Liberal media avoids putting 2+2 together and with a straight face...
  5. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Over 50% of employees of most, major tech companies disagree with Google firing over diversity memo

    Over half of Google employees polled say the web giant shouldn't have fired the engineer behind the controversial memo Former Google engineer James Damore's memo on diversity generated lots of controversy. So too, as it turns out, has the web giant's subsequent decision to fire him...
  6. P@triot

    Progressive "logic" in all of its glory

    I've seen some funny stuff in my day - but this is right up there with the best of them. Here you have progressives proudly declaring that they are "deleting Uber" because Uber refused to price gouge when taxi's went on strike from the JFK airport. They then proudly followed that up with how...

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