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  1. Litwin

    BREAKING : UK/US 'lethal aid' arrives in Kyiv amid border build-up. BAD NEWS FOR MOSCOW AND ITS USEFUL IDIOTS LIKE Fox News Carlson

    " Some 90 tonnes of US "lethal aid" has arrived in Ukraine, amid tensions over Russia's troop build-up on the border. It was the first shipment of a recently approved package of US military aid for Ukraine, and included ammunition for "front-line defenders". The delivery followed US Secretary of...
  2. WarmPotato

    Reminder Fox News Is Employing A Possible Pedophile

    In 2006 & 2009 he spoke about 13 year old boys having sex with their teachers and 14 year old girls having lesbian lovers. In 2014 he went on Fox News to continue advocating for sex with minors. In 2017 he had an interview with Gavin McInnes where he repeated himself, this time talking of 15...
  3. Terri4Trump

    Must See Tucker Carlson Monologues

    These are two of Tucker's best show openers in a long time. He really lays out the insanity that Democrats have descended into, and comments on the two debates. These are must see videos:
  4. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Dave Rubin's & Adam Carolla's interviews with Tucker Carlson

    Rubin & Carlson: Carolla & Carlson: I'm watching the Rubin one first since it's shorter. Great interview so far.
  5. J

    CDZ Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, advocates mob rule government

    . I’m not sure if Tucker Carlson actually supports “democracy” in its classical sense ___ which is comparable to mob rule government ___ or he simply hasn’t taken the time to learn the fundamental differences between our constitutionally limited “Republican Form of Government” and that of a...
  6. S

    Jeff sessions Just Ordered A PROBE On Barack Obama With No Way Out For Obama

  7. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Stoned out of his mind liberal & Calexit supporter admits middle class is fleeing California on T.V.

    This shit's hilarious. Liberals are smoking crack if they think Californians will vote to leave America. Even if they get the signatures and rig the election to make it happen, Trump will send in the military and put down this Confederate uprising faster and harder than Abraham Lincoln bitch...
  8. P@triot

    Am I the only one who sees the glaring flaw in the "logic" here?

    So Mr. Sean Ryan here of Columbia University is on to discuss (promote?) a couple of "safe spaces" that Columbia has set up for their African-American students and their homosexual students. Tucker Carlson of Fox News wisely points out that this is going back to the days of segregation - and...
  9. P@triot

    Progressive has no answer for why he supports illegal aliens

    The video here is beyond priceless. All this left-wing nitwit does is give left-wing platitudes the entire time. He fails to answer even a single question. Every time one is posed to him he doesn't even attempt to answer it. Instead, he starts with "I'll just say this....". That is a flat out...
  10. MindWars

    CIA Election Report is fake news to attack Trump & Russia

    CIA Election Report Is FAKE NEWS To Attack Trump & Russia CIA report claims Russia interfered in election to benefit Trump When the CIA – a group of admitted liars and domestic propagandists – come out with a report, you can bet it’s fake news. Also, check out Alex’s other report, “MSM Takes...

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