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trump supporter racist

  1. MarcATL

    The Real Founder of the Racist Group, The Proud Boys...

    The usual white USMB supremacists have all been screeching to a man, and woman, that the Proud Boys leader is some black and/or latino person. As if to prove that that's why it's not a white supremacist group. Knowing all along that this was a blatant lie from the rancid depths of hell...
  2. MrFritz

    Trump Supporter Chanting Anti-Semitic Slogans At Trump Rally

    Trump supports once again show their true colors! Deplorable only begins to describe Trump supporters. They hate gays, women, Hispanics, Blacks, Muslims and now they have turned their hatred and evil onto the Jews. Can you think of another political group what hated as much as the Trump...

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