1. P@triot

    Let's examine how the left behaved

    The left doing what the left does best: pretending to be "outraged" while attempting to rewrite history. The corrupt administration was spying on the incoming investigation. Subsequent court cases have now proven that the Obama Administration knew the Steele Dossier was fake, but used it to...
  2. OKTexas

    Pence: Transition finished 'on schedule and under budget'

    In comments today, VP elect said the transition finished on time and under budget and they will be returning roughly 20% of the transition monies back to the treasury. This is what you get when non-politicians run things. Pence: Transition finished 'on schedule and under budget'
  3. longknife

    Obama staffers can’t find work in Trump’s DC: ‘There are no jobs’

    Oh boo hoo. You means they might be forced to leave the Beltway to live and work with the common people? How terrifying for them. I bet they'll immediately apply for therapeutic counseling. Clinton aides appear to be having a harder time, both emotionally and practically. “There’s anger...
  4. P@triot

    Barack Obama's "FU" tour

    I wasn't particularly a fan of George W. Bush - but I have endless respect for the way he left office. He was classy. Gracious. Humble. He said that (and I quote) "President Obama deserves my silence" when asked to comment about Barack Obama. He also said that he hoped Obama succeeded...
  5. cnelsen

    Transition team member formerly at Soros

    WTF: Mnuchin amassed a fortune estimated at over $40 million while working for Goldman Sachs, where his father had worked for three decades and had also made a fortune. In 2002, Mnuchin left Goldman and worked briefly for his Yale roommate Edward Lampert, chief executive of Sears. He also...

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