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  1. TeaBagger

    Conservative Constitutional Expert On Cruz's Eligibility

    This will really piss off the conservatives and Cruz supporters. But... it's all academic at this point because Canadian slime ball and megalomaniac Ted Cruz has already self-destructed.
  2. TeaBagger

    Who Is The Biggest Republican Liar ?

    Without doing any formal research I would have to think that it's Ted Cruz. Natural born Canadian Ted Cruz seems to be following in the foot steps of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Rubio is probably in second place when it comes to lying, followed by Ben Carson and then Trump. I would have included...
  3. TeaBagger

    Obama and the Hedron Collider

    Not even Alex Jones has figured this one out yet. Birth Announcement Planted By Time Traveler Barack WHOSANE Obama! Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya but he is also a time traveler and here's how I got there. The lib want you to believe that Obama was born in Honolulu and as proof they show a...

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