1. HaShev

    How TBN dances around the name of Moshiach

    To not scare their Jesuit Christian flock or to hide the name for other ulterior motives, TBN Jewish Christian Pastors always skirt the name by ommission and or outright miss information. In the case of the book "the Oracle" author TBN tells it's audience about the Mystery of the Jubilee years...
  2. HaShev

    Church of Profit$

    Besides the usual suspects like the prosperity movement on TBN imitating the Baal harvest seed scam we have the ole church examples of pay to play. In 1517 the Church began selling indulgences to the German people. These Catholics were told that in exchange for their assistance in building...
  3. HaShev

    TBN broadcasting Michaeline Pastors now

    Doug Batchelor - Amazing Facts is finally on TBN instead of his own broadcasts elsewhere. It's a SHEVA Day Adventist Church and the broadcast was called HaShev to YeruShalem (Back to Jerusalem).
  4. HaShev

    Lessons in their Lying to Create an Image-the Beth Moore Story

    TBN Evangelist Beth Moore Living Proof Ministries When she was younger, she claimed to be a stay at home mom, but this statement is false and proven false by her own writtings which reveal an obvious example of her contradictory statements about her stay-at-home mother-hood. She grew her...
  5. HaShev

    TBN preacher Kerry Shook says Paul wrote 3/4 NT in Neros Prison

    Perhaps Kerry Shook needs to recognize what he's accidentally admitting. That being Paul and the NT is Forbidden according to little known law that is a warning to help us from making the greatest mistakes THROUGHOUT HISTORY. The Dead Sea Scrolls (4Q266 -7 fr 5) warned us of a rule they had...
  6. HaShev

    Is Joyce Meyer an outright liar or just oblivious & deceived?

    I have no ill feelings towards Joyce Meyer or her outreach that targets womans issues, but today her broadcast showed something disturbing that needs a quick response. Many pastors have FINALLY decided to NOTICE DEUT. where I posted constantly on choices we are given: to choose life the blessing...
  7. HaShev

    A Michaeline preacher on TBN

    Interesting, TBN now broadcasting a popular Sheva Day Adventist Preacher, one who isn't affraid of the full context of Dan 12 and not affraid of the name.
  8. HaShev

    Hey TBN your king has no more moves-give it a rest

    I never saw such sore losers, claiming that in their chess match a checkmate means their king has one more move. Really what is that, to overturn the chess board and call the kNight that took your king a few choice words and then run out storming mad and shoot a cop or start a riot somewhere...

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