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    Zone1 This isn't right

    Years ago Swedish government became sex negative conservatives .Although these conservatives are pro legal abortion,they outlawed sex works. They outlawed in a strange way instead of throwing the hooker in prison,they throw the client in prison instead.This has been label the Nordic model. Now...
  2. Litwin

    About 400 Swedes have so far signed up to be volunteers in the Ukrainian Army. DEATH TO THE BARBARIC HORDE !

    It´ll be more much more, Ukrainian fight is our fight ! Belarusian dictator reviles Putin´s stalinist plans for Ukraine
  3. Litwin

    Sweden will send 5,000 anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine. Many of them will consist of the excellent NLAW system.

    Sweden has overcome its hesitancy connected to its decades-long neutrality policy and will send 5,000 anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine. Many of them will consist of the excellent NLAW system. this has to be done 7 years ago, still great step forward
  4. toobfreak

    Last Year Trump Roasted as Covid Failure, Sweden Held as Proof?

    All last year all we heard was what a failure Trump was with Covid, and the Left held Europe, especially northern Europe, up high as the proof! "Just look at how much better these countries are doing compared to Trump's USA!" Looks like the leftist, anti-Trumpers were a bit premature. Trump...
  5. EvilEyeFleegle

    'How dare you?' Thunberg asks world leaders at UN

    Speaking truth to power..poor girl will be lucky to make 20: 'How dare you?' Greta Thunberg asks world leaders at UN "A visibly angry Greta Thunberg berated world leaders as she addressed a UN climate summit on Monday, accusing them of betraying her generation by failing to tackle greenhouse...
  6. Papageorgio

    Sweden's Lack of Freedom of Speech

    The name is dumb, I'll admit it, however I see no issue with birth parents naming their child what they wish. Swedish parents told they can't name baby Pilzner So why is Europe so far behind in freedom of speech?
  7. Litwin

    Putin’s next target is likely to be a non-NATO nation in the EU (Sweden, Finland)

    Putin’s next target is likely to be a non-NATO nation in the EU (Sweden, Finland) . ok, its not new information, we here all know it very well. The fact is that Muscovite empire is dying, it can not fight a long cold war with the West , putler MUST strike NEW or the gas -station empire will die...
  8. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Sweden admits Pres. Trump was right about immigration and gang violence in Sweden

    Donald Trump right on immigration, gang violence, Sweden finds - Washington Times Sweden’s prime minister, who criticized President Trump last year for blaming Swedish violence on Muslim refugees, said Tuesday that he’s cracking down on immigration and gang violence to make Sweden great again...
  9. P@triot

    If only Sweden would have outlawed hand-grenades

    Then, obviously, none of this ever would have happened. Of course, my comment above was satirical. Explosives are absolutely banned in Sweden (as is carrying any kind of firearm - though you may own them and hunt with them). So how is that whole “banned hand grenade” thing working out in...
  10. JGalt

    Sweden has a higher murder rate than South Africa

    As well as 50 no-go zones, grenade attacks, and they took in 163,000 refugees in 2015, 71% of which are male with permanent residency. Goodbye Sweden. been nice knowing you. Swedish Chief Prosecutor: No-Go Zone Rinkeby Is Like a 'War Zone'
  11. Litwin

    YouTube star PewDiePie uses racial slur ("n-word" )

    well i dont know what to say, is it end of PewDiePie? is it story for BBC? " The world's highest-paid YouTube star, PewDiePie, has used the "n-word" during an online broadcast. The 27-year-old Swede - real name Felix Kjellberg - could be heard using the racial slur while he was playing a video...
  12. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Thanks to a surge in immigration, Sweden is forced to reevaluate its socialist welfare state

    Immigration Forces Sweden to Re-Evaluate Its Welfare State STOCKHOLM -- When he was in his early 20s, Jacek Dabrowski earned money by visiting Sweden during the summer months and working in the construction industry. Now 34, the native of Krakow, Poland, returned to Sweden in 2016 so he could...
  13. Eloy

    Sweden reintroduces draft

    "Sweden is to reintroduce military conscription next year due to difficulties filling the ranks on a voluntary basis at a time of increased security concerns, the defense minister said on Thursday." Sweden returns draft amid security worries and soldier shortage The defence minister Peter...
  14. MindWars

    Cities in Sweden told to prepare for war

    Cities in Sweden Told to Prepare For War Migrant crisis spiraling out of control The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has urged the country’s municipalities to prepare for war, another shocking indication of how mass immigration is threatening the stability of the European country...
  15. Brynmr

    Wretched Appeasement to Moslem Migrants in Sweden

    A gang of 5 Muslim invaders brutally raped a wheelchair-bound woman for hours, forcing their handicapped victim to suffer through the most debauched torture imaginable. Just days after police arrested the rapists, however, they were released without any charges for one unbelievable reason: She...
  16. American_Jihad

    Anti-Semitism in Sweden

    I didn't know there were any swedish people left in sweden, I thought they were over run by hoards of islamic beasts... Anti-Semitism in Sweden “There is no place for Jews in Sweden.” April 11, 2016 Joseph Puder Anti-Zionism and anti-Israel sentiments in Sweden have morphed in recent...
  17. Maggdy

    Sweden asks EU to stop American lobster invasion

    What is this lobster? I have not seen anything such as it. This someone do eat? This one food? "Sweden has asked the European Union for help to stop an invasion of American lobsters, saying they could wipe out their European cousins with deadly diseases. The Swedish Environment Ministry said...
  18. Freja

    Gang rape on a party ferry for graduating High School students

    Four men between 18-19 yrs of age gang raped a girl on a party ferry. ( I've summerized the information available and translated the text. The sources in swedish can be found at the bottom. ) Four men was arrested on march 30th on suspicion of gang raping a girl, during a student cruise on...
  19. Freja

    The Lion King is a fascist movie!!

    BREAKING NEWS Swedish media reports that Disneys "The Lion King" is fascist propaganda. Andrev Walden from Aftonbladet writes: It's not obvious, especially not for a child. We don't wear the critical glasses when we watch a movie with furry characters and musical elements. The lions, with...
  20. Maggdy

    Military spending

    My opinion it terrific waste of money, while people starve or live in misery in the world. "World military expenditure in 2014 was an estimated $1776 billion. The total was equivalent to 2.3 per cent of world GDP. Total spending fell by 0.4 per cent in real terms between 2013 and 2014, the...
  21. Freja

    Sweden is falling apart

    Hi I'm a twenty-something woman from Sweden. I'm writing on an american forum as I'm desperate to reach out to the world. Something has happened to my country... When I was a child, Sweden was very peaceful. You didn't even have to lock the door in the neighborhood, small children could be...

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