1. Sayaras

    Who hires such stupid people...

    From the "wisdom" of a BBC journalist...Helena Humphrey. And no. Churchill didn't warn Hitler before bombings.. ____ BBC news presenter asks: Did IDF 'warn the Palestinians' before hostage rescue. IDF spokesman says warning those holding the hostages 'would defeat the purpose' since the...
  2. T

    Why the hell did anyone buy the Chevy SSR?

    Man, what a stupid, ridiculous, ugly car. $50,000 for an LS powered convertible 'truck' that was never rated to tow anything substantial. It's also slow as heck for the drive train and price and even came in purple. Oof.
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Trump Administration Bigotry Strikes Again With New ACA Regulations

    This is absolutely disgusting and one of the clearest indications yet of the Trump Administration's open hostility towards LGBT people. Yes the lying ass Trump who - as a candidate - stated that he would support the rights of LBGT people. Instead, with this, he will have blood on his hands...
  4. Cellblock2429

    This is the proud new democRAT Party

    These are the azzclowns who want to run our day to day lives because they know what’s best. And this is why Trump may well win a landslide re-election. “Congressman Steve Cohen showed up on Capitol Hill with a bucket of fried chicken and a ceramic chicken statue on Thursday to mock Attorney...
  5. Cellblock2429

    DEMOCRAT Senator Stabenow Struggles To Use An Elevator

    There Are Few Things Funnier Than This Video Of Debbie Stabenow Struggling To Use An Elevator And yet she knows how to manage the economy, secure the borders and fix healthcare. Senator Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from Michigan, had some struggles using the elevator in a recent video from...
  6. Ridgerunner

    Secretary Of State John Kerry pulls a biden...

    This is the Man that has the keys to the State Department... Unbelievable... This is what the SoS said in Bangladesh Monday of this week... No wonder "W" kicked his ass... Back in the U.S., Kerry was criticized for an off-hand comment he made Monday in Bangladesh suggesting the media reduce...
  7. American_Jihad

    Moving to Canada if a Republican is 'Nominated'

    LOL "Nominated", educated liberal, anyway will help ya pack. Hey, take yo buddies with ya... 'The View' Host Moving to Canada if a Republican is 'Nominated' Will you take the rest of them with you? 2.25.2016 News Mark Tapson Every election cycle, celebrity liberals threaten to leave...
  8. American_Jihad

    3 Out of 4 U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Occurred Under Obama

    Commander n chief, I guess community organizers aren't all dat... 3 Out of 4 U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Occurred Under Obama Charles Dharapak/AP by Edwin Mora 15 Oct 2015 <--- WASHINGTON, D.C. — An estimated 75 percent of the all U.S. military deaths and about 90 percent of the...
  9. Gracie

    We are doomed. Really.

    dumbest tweets ever - Bing images Just read some of this stuff. This is the generation coming up. *shudder*

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