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  1. The Original Tree

    Americans Watching their 401Ks Evaporate Away under Joey BiDumb

    If you are lucky, you have your investments spread out and differentiated, but for many Americans, under the Faux Xiden Regime, their 401ks are taking major hits. Are we headed for a stock market economy crash? I believe the supply chain problems, COVID were planned to prepare the way for The...
  2. The Original Tree

    Is China Scamming The World with Corona Virus?

    I was just thinking about how The Chinese Operate, and very often it is not with intentions of keeping agreements etc. Because of out of control Social Spending by The US, because of things like Bill Clinton did helping China in to the WTO, and allowing American Businesses to move to China for...
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    Nobel economist: Trump’s economy is an absolute disaster for people and the planet

    I have been saying this for a long time. Many people know the truth. The 50% of American households who do not own stock are not benefiting from the soring stock market. While the unemployment rate is low, there are still a hell of a lot of people out of work. Many of those who are working have...
  4. Dan Stubbs

    Stock Market Correction finally. you know if you work the Mkt, we are about two years past a normal correction in the stock Mkt. It was suppose to happen about 4 years ago and it was over due then. I hope we get about a 22 percent downward correction in the next...
  5. georgephillip

    The Stock Market Myth: Good News...Stocks Plunge!

    Why is a measure of future corporate profits taken as a measure of economic well-being? Good News: The Stock Market is Plunging | Beat the Press | CEPR "If there is one item about the economy that we can be sure will be repeated every day, it is the movement in the Dow or the S&P 500. And...
  6. Cellblock2429

    $175,000,000 Option Trade to end all option trades

    I don't have the equity to sell 19,000 contracts, but I might do one just for the heck of it. The Option pays $91.20 as per the market close 1/14/2019. $91.20 x 100 shares (1 contract) = $9,120.00 premimum. The In the Money odds are 27% which is a bit higher than my comfort level - But what the...
  7. chops_

    A [Financial] Storm Is Coming...

    So, some investors are (somewhat) resilient when it comes to when the markets have a (very) bad day. As if a 'Financial Armageddon' just blew annihilated the global markets in less than twenty-four hours. Like the Crash in 1987, when the markets fell 22%. Or on Sepetember 29, 2008 - when the...
  8. J

    Can't beleive these companies are bankrupted

    Just a quarter has passed by and these are the companies that filed bankruptcy in 2018. Claire’s Toys R Us iHeartMedia Winn-Dixie Bon-Ton Stores And no surprise. This one had it coming. The Weinstein Co. Source: Bankruptcies 2018 – how many more to drown in red ink?
  9. NorFoster

    Celgene's (CELG) future seems to be a big question mark

    Celgene earnings details. A cut in the outlook, especially it's long-term targets, is not an encouraging one. Also, a decrease in pharma company's R&D expenses is not a good sign.
  10. J

    Danaher's transformation into a healthcare co. pays off

    Danaher has successfully transformed itself into a healthcare company with broader presence in the healthcare and dental markets. With its aggressive acquisition strategy being a strong profit churner, the company saw half of its revenue growth in its recent quarter coming from the acquisitions...
  11. R

    Trump bump for banks

    Haters may hate. But Trump administration is clearly benefiting the financial services companies. Bank of America is perhaps the biggest beneficiary of Trump government. The stock's been on a roll since election. Up around 50%. The latest earnings and expected fed rate hikes will totally keep...
  12. Bob900

    Valeant's Progress towards paying down debt of $5Billion.

    $VRX's progress towards paying down a huge debt of $5Bil before Feb 2018. VRX - Infographic
  13. S

    Penny Stock Alert

    How to find the best NYSE & the NASDAQ Penny Stock Alerts??
  14. stewartdean98

    Wall Street opens higher, Dow eyes 20,000

    US stocks kicked off the new year with big gains on Tuesday, with all eyes on the Dow Jones Industrial Average as it zeroes in on the historic 20,000 mark. The Dow was up 152.92 points, or 0.77 percent, at 19,915.52, the S&P 500 was up 16.98 points, or 0.758432 percent, at 2,255.81 and the...
  15. HenryWallace

    Dow a poor indicator

    Experts agree the DJIA is a poor indicator of the economy. Yet people, even smart people, are championing Dow 20000 and stuff like that. Every other thread on this board says "Dow up _%". Sure, most of these are from uneducated Trumpkins who don't have the first clue about business/finance. But...
  16. A

    Stock market after Trump victory

    Warren Buffett doesn’t see a shift in market direction, despite the stunning victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election. And this prediction from the world’s most successful income investor came after he sharply criticized the Republican candidate for his economic policies. “The...
  17. A

    China’s Economic Collapse Could Spark Stock Market Crash in 2016

    Predicting that China’s economy is heading towards a stock market crash, reaching that unfortunate destination in 2016, is certainly risky. It may even be presumptuous and premature to suggest the notion of China’s economy falling to pieces.Excluding gold, China has an estimated $3.8 trillion in...

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