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  1. MAGAman

    What did Sleepy Joe know about FISA abuse and spying on the Trump campaign, and when did he know it?

    Secretive Surveillance Court Rebukes FBI Over Handling of Wiretapping of Trump Aide Now that the FISC Chief Judge (The court that rules on FISA applications) has slapped the Obama FBI for it's FISA abuse allowing the Obama admin to spy on the Trump Campaign against Hillary, Sleepy Joe needs to...
  2. Billy_Bob

    Adam Schiff - Violates Classified Information/Warrant Laws - Disseminates Personal Information

    Adam Schiff - Violates Classified Information/Warrant Laws - Disseminates Personal Information of conservatives and violates Attorney/Client privilege of President Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Laura Ingrham exposed that Adam Schiff obtained personal information and phone records of prominent...
  3. deanrd

    Israel caught spying on the White House. Trump says “I don’t believe it“.

    Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House White House spying: Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu calls claim it put "StingRay" surveillance devices near White House a "blatant lie" - CBS News But despite Netanyahu's insistence that the "longstanding commitment" by Israel...
  4. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Facebook & Google caught paying teens to install apps on iOS that lets them spy on them.

    Facebook, Google Draw Scrutiny Over Apps That Collected Data From Teens In the latest revelation to raise privacy concerns about Silicon Valley's tech titans, reports have surfaced that Facebook and Google offered adults and teens gift cards for installing apps that would let the companies...
  5. P@triot

    How do we solve the crisis?

    Our federal government currently operates far outside of the bounds of the law. The U.S. Constitution has been completely and totally shredded. The global surveillance (including all U.S. citizens) far exceeds anything in George Orwell's 1984. The NSA stockpiles known vulnerabilities, doesn't...
  6. Y

    DJ Trump's exaggeration about Trump Tower surveillance

    The Washington Post (WP) published a news article on 4/11/2017 that Carter Page was under surveillance by the FBI in accordance with a FISA warrant in the summer of 2016. This is a far cry from the inept simpleton exaggeration that DJ Trump made earlier when he accused BH Obama of spying on...
  7. MindWars

    State police using FED technology to crack smartphones

    State Police Using Fed Technology to Crack Smartphones State law enforcement agencies now using technology previously only available to FBI, other three-letter agencies, to crack smartphones State law enforcement agencies now using technology previously only available to FBI, other...
  8. MindWars

    Experts warn "17" to be year of smart

    Experts warn ’17 to be year of ‘smart home’ hacking Will 2017 be the year your home becomes under attack from cyber criminals? Experts expect the number of attacks on the Internet of Things (IoT) will likely increase in 2017. IoT includes devices like webcams, DVRs and connected thermostats...
  9. MindWars

    Holy $#!! watchdog discovers toy dolls are recording your conversations & uploading them to police

    HOLY $#!&: Watchdog Discovers Toy Dolls Are Recording Your Conversations and Uploading Them to Police HOLY $#!&: WATCHDOG DISCOVERS TOY DOLLS ARE RECORDING YOUR CONVERSATIONS AND UPLOADING THEM TO POLICE When giving gifts this holiday season, be strongly advised certain toys will upload your...
  10. MindWars

    Augmented reality app lets you scan people's FACES and reveal everything about them

    Blippar is an app that uses your smartphone's camera to reveal more about the world through augmented reality . Today, the company behind the app has announced that facial recognition will be introduced so you can scan other people and reveal their profile. It's billed as the world's first...
  11. Anonymous1977

    U.S. government *intercepting* mail & phone calls BEFORE 9/11

    Video of late Black leader Khalid Muhammad, who died *BEFORE* 9/11 happened saying that the U.S. government intercepted people's mail & phone calls:

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