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south korea

  1. Jake Winker Frogen

    South Korea Opening Up Even With Baseball

    Because they knew how to deal with a virus pandemic and the USA does not. The South Korean baseball league is officially playing. They can play baseball when Americans cannot. They get how to deal with a pandemic when Americans do not.
  2. deanrd

    Trump cancelled exercises with South Korea because it costs the same as a military parade .

    Trump's military parade will cost nearly as much as canceled Korean military exercise The parade, which is now scheduled to take place on November 10, is currently estimated to cost approximately $12 million, the officials said. One official called the number "a planning figure," saying cost...
  3. H

    K-pop meets “NK-Pop”? How music brought the two Koreas closer

    K-pop meets “NK-Pop”? How music brought the two Koreas closer Will possible future cultural exchanges help improve inter-Korean relations? So far, the responses have been largely positive, but it is unclear if such events will continue beyond the Games.
  4. J

    USS Michigan nuclear submarine docks in Busan port, South Korea

    The USS Michigan - a guided-missile submarine - arrived in South Korea for what a US defense official described as a show of force amid tensions between the US and North Korea.

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