1. P@triot

    Time for the second American Revolution

    What the left considers "progress" (the elimination of technology, the destruction of the 'nuclear family', the promotion of extreme and disgusting sexual deviance) has created a repulsive society where mentally-disturbed cross-dressing pedophiles are given access to children and rebranded as...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    GOP's Lauren Boebert calls on right-wing Christians to remove Biden: 'We are sons and daughters of revolutionaries'

    Lauren Boebert may actually bevcrazier that Marjory Taylor Green but it's a close call. Does this woman have any clue about how our Constitutional Republic works? Does she not know that this is not a Theocracy? She wants a revolution. She...
  3. Street Juice

    The Controversy of Zion

    I'm reading "The Controversy of Zion" by Doug Reed (available free html here) and it is very enlightening. But I came across the following paragraph that I thought I'd ask for confirmation on here, since this board seems to be crawling with old heebs with nothing to do: Valid? or boilerplate...
  4. M

    Youth Involvement and the Modern Political Landscape

    Why aren't more of our youngest generation (RE: Millennials) involved in politics? Why does it often seem as though they have simply given up? A great many are willing to ascribe a great many titles and denunciations to them, but few take the time to ponder what could be the driving force of...
  5. Litwin

    Putin; 80-85% Bolsheviks Revolution were Jews.

    Do you agree with this Pynia´s statement?
  6. Pogo

    Great (recent) history lesson

    This has been out for a few months but I just saw it. Very very good perspective on how we got where we are spanning roughly the last four decades. Paints a very informative road map to how we got where we are and where we're not going. Players: "Globalization" The Banks Henry Kissinger...
  7. MindWars

    Democrats are now calling for a revolution in the streets and I believe that they are quite serious

    Even some big celebrity names are starting to use the word “revolution” in messages to their followers. On Twitter, Katy Perry has ominously warned that “the revolution is coming“, and comedian Sarah Silverman has boldly declared that “Trump gets a chance to hear us (or else we R them) If he...
  8. M

    Stigmatizing The Enemy Within

    I posses a healthy *contempt for those fellow citizens, and their allies from outside our shores, who would turn us against each other. They would do this first by stigmatizing a minority group in America, for the actions of a few; and follow up with later condemning those of us who would not...

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