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racial discrimination

  1. AveryJarhman

    Academy Award Winner Suffered Ignorant Racism and Divisive Intra-Racial Discrimination Hello. Reading this article, I learned Academy Award winner Hattie McDaniel experienced ígnorant Racism, as well as divisive Intra-Racial Discrimination & Hate from citizens denigrating her as an Un©lé T0m. My question: Does a person or...
  2. Tom Paine 1949

    The Love Story That Changed America

    Their marriage in 1958 was illegal in their home state of Virginia and in over 20 other states. Nine years later, in June 1967, it was still illegal in every southern state when the Supreme Court finally ended laws outlawing “black” & “white” intermarriage and “miscegenation” in the USA. This...
  3. protectionist

    Does XFL Practice Racial Discrimination ?

    Watching the first game of the new XFL football league, it is apparent that black players are far more represented than the proportion of blacks in America. Does the XFL utilize Affirmative Action discrimination in hiring ? Why so many blacks (about 90%), as opposed to players of other races ...
  4. deanrd

    Police orders black man to leave his own pool

    Black man asked to leave his own pool by officer in viral video "I had my headphones when she approached me so I didn't hear her the first time. When I asked her to repeat herself, she asked if I lived in the neighborhood. I said yes," Holland told the Star. "When she asked where I lived, I...
  5. MindWars

    Black employees suing CNN for racial discrimination

    Black Employees Suing CNN for Racial Discrimination - Breitbart A group of current and former black employees of CNN cable news network, Turner Broadcasting, and parent company Time Warner have filed a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination, a report says...

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