rachel maddow

  1. K9Buck

    Rachel Maddow, the face of the radical, far-left conspiracy theorist

    Congratulations, Rachel. I knew you could do it!
  2. deanrd

    GOP Spreadsheet of raped pre teens, tracking length of pregnancy to stop them from an abortion.

    Just saw this as breaking news on Rachel Maddow. It won't be anywhere else because it's breaking news. So girls, from 12 to 17, most had been raped and came here seeking an abortion. So Scott Lloyd, who works for the Trump Administration, keeps a very long and detailed spreadsheet on these...
  3. P@triot

    The ignorance of the left is profound and problematic

    I have yet to see someone on the left who actually understood the U.S. Constitution or how our government functions. That was illustrated once again this week when Rachel Maddow proclaimed that a Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade would “make abortion illegal in the United States”...
  4. AsianTrumpSupporter

    The entire Democrat witchhunt against Trump has been one big nothingburger.

    Comey confirmed that Trump never asked him to stop the Russia investigation. Not since Rachel Madnow's live failure regarding Trump's taxes have liberals failed this hard. Time to move on to actual issues that matter like the Trump agenda. #MAGA
  5. HaShev

    Luke's Rachel Maddow style connect the dots makes Fools of History Channel

    The History channels special on the Search for the DNA of Jesus is so full of mistakes and false assertions that it's extremely comical. One major false claim is that by finding the DNA of John the Baptist they will have the DNA lineage of Jesus claiming them as cousins. So research why they...
  6. HaShev

    More fake news by Rachel Maddow & MSNBC

    Swithching channels and only 2 seconds in the tabloid news MSNBC has blatant statements by Maddow that are known lies. She states as fact that Russia specifically wanted Trump to win the election, however her statement is not known or even possible. None of the supposed Russia involvements...
  7. HaShev

    Rachel Maddow Broadcasting Fake News again

    Rachel Maddow caught broadcasting fake news again. She said the NJ 7 was a sudden movement and that it was formed in rejection of changing a failed Obama plan and that this sucessfully protested the affordable care act bill. 1)She showed footage of the protesters holding the Resist movement...
  8. P@triot

    Rachel Maddow - legendary fail!

    Absolutely hilarious... She was trumped by Trump! :lmao: I wonder if she'll even have a show left by the time Trump's term is up. Trump pulled the rug from underneath Rachel Maddow’s great big tax scoop
  9. HaShev

    Rachel Maddow proves the case why we shouldn't have voted for Clinton

    Rachel Maddow of MSNBC is trying to explain Clinton's take on Russia in 2011 where Hillary Clinton says she doesn't think Russia ever had free or fair uncorrupted, non controlled elections, remember this is the same woman who's party controls the liberal media bias which supresses third parties...
  10. HaShev

    MSNBC claims Their whole staff have Iranian Connections

    According to fake news MSNBC Rachel Maddow is trying to claim if you have a business deal with someone from another country or know someone from another country and have association with another person 2-3-4 degrees seperation then you and all those people are somehow in cahoots with the Gov't...

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