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putin and trump

  1. Litwin

    "russia"Man drowns in his own faeces after falling into cesspit and being left there for 12 hours by his friend who ‘assumed he’d be able to climb out

    "russia"Man drowns in his own faeces after falling into cesspit and being left there for 12 hours by his friend who ‘assumed he’d be able to climb out by himself’ A Russian man drowned in his own faeces after falling into a decaying cesspit and being left there for 12 hours. Andrey Golubov...
  2. Tom Paine 1949

    CDZ Afghanistan, Russia, the U.S. — Background to the “Bounty” Issue

    When we went into Afghanistan after 9-11 our efforts had the support of the Russians, Russian logistics and Russian allies in Afghanistan and in the ex-Soviet Republics in Central Asia. They provided absolutely essential help when the U.S.-backed “Northern Alliance” forces overthrew the Pushtan...
  3. Litwin

    Putin heir to the Mongol Grand Khans

    finally .... "According to scholar Tjundeshev, Batu Khan was the true founder of Russian statehood. China, India and Turkey also descend from the Tatars. For him, “it is so difficult for Russians to learn to be free; they always need a strong hand to rule them." Russia’s isolationism is also...
  4. Litwin

    The Pugabe Regime Cracks Vovka Pugabe has become increasingly disengaged from routine matters of governing and prefers to delegate most issues.

    A lengthy yet interesting article by Tatyana Stanovaya about the current composition and functionality of the pugabe regime. is it end for khan juchi project ? Ozero - Wikipedia ›...
  5. I c h i g o

    A Constitutional Standoff?

    So, Trump had an hour phone call with Putin. They discussed Venezuela, North Korea and of course, The Mueller Report. Nothing they both discussed that the Americans don't know already. So, how is this now a Constitutional standoff?
  6. Litwin

    Its time for USA&EU to stop putler "How Putin Built a Ragtag Empire of Tyrants and Failing States"

    Its about time for USA&EU to stop putler, great article from Time . 1) Gas - Oil sanctions 2) Swift 3) sanctions on all Muscovite banks 4) sanctions on state 6 - 9 weeks , and will be no putler and his Juchi empire around "How Putin Built a Ragtag Empire of Tyrants and Failing...
  7. D

    Trump a victim of campaign of lies regarding Russia connection

    I've never seen such blatant lying and fake news cooking by the liberal press...they think they are getting their come-uppance, right? Our patriotic group has been briefed by some top people in the Trump White House. There is not a shred of evidence...just "he says she says"...paid for by...
  8. SYTFE

    Trump Caught in a HUGE Lie About His Relationship With Putin

    Congratulations America, you've elected a pathological liar for president.
  9. anotherlife

    Bear dancing?

    Bear dancing was fashionable in medieval castles. The leader guy pulled the bear and the bear danced behind him. Putin likes Trump. But Russia is a very big bear. Can Trump dance that bear?

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