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    Perhaps a difference in education? [Civil War Monuments]

    I went to an international school in an oil rich third world muslim country. What we were taught about the civil war mustve been different than kids domestically in highschool. My teacher was an australian and alot of international kids received the same education about slavery and the civil war...
  2. P@triot

    The disgusting left-wing indoctrination

    This is disgusting. And it is why the left vehemently opposes "school choice" (as seen here) and home schooling - because it prevents them from indoctrinating children. N.Y. promoted, covered up lesson plan teaching students to sympathize with Islamic suicide bombers
  3. P@triot

    Education: the simple solutions

    Anyone who claims that the education issue in America is "complicated" is either clueless or pushing an agenda designed to protect the teacher's unions. Let's start with the very basics. This should be thee speech given on the first day of school by every principle in every public school across...
  4. midcan5

    For PoliticalChic and Homeschoolers and....

    Everyone live in a bubble. Some bubbles are broad and encompassing others narrow and limited. PC and I have talked past each other often, each assuming the other is listening. We've been on usmb for years now. So this OP is for PC and her constant arguments about education and its effects. An...
  5. P@triot

    Democrats continue their very ugly gynophobia

    Democrats long and ugly history of gynophobia appears to have no end in sight in the near future. While they (begrudgingly) approved Rex Tiller as Secretary of State, Democrats refuse to approve Betsy DeVos simply because she is a woman. They can't stand to see a woman in power - especially if...
  6. midcan5

    Education Teachers Values

    What do some people see the world positively and others through an ideology filter that blocks commonsense. It would seem an excellent public education a value worth paying for and yet many feel threatened by knowledge. Fear buys bombs, why doesn't fear of an uneducated public also cause...

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