1. J

    Biden Admin. paroles flood of migrants from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Colombia

    One thing for sure is, if the current open border policy continues, our country will eventually be fundamentally transformed into the kind of countries from where these immigrants are coming from, i.e., Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Colombia, and are being immediately released into our...
  2. J

    Conflicts and consequences of Biden’s massive, unregulated immigration policy

    . Let us take a look at the rate of border crossings The number of known foreigner nationals crossing our southern border is now at about 2 million a year LINK, [also see the following LINK]. And that 2 million does not include got-a-ways, nor those entering undetected. If we use a...
  3. deanrd

    If you were a foreign country, would you trust any negotiated deal trump signed?

    If you were a foreign country, would you trust any negotiated deal trump signed? Seriously people. You know Trump stiffed his own workers. He ruined many peoples lives and destroyed companies when he refused to pay them for work done. If you were a foreign country would you sign a deal...
  4. R

    Around in circles. Is there really any "affordable" personal plans for disabled or self-employed??

    I have been around in circles and I've read so much contradictory information, I don't even know what is right or wrong anymore. It seems like the past 3 years, reality has changed on the fly. I used to be self employed. I paid $200-$250 a months for decent BCBS insurance back in the 1000s...
  5. BookShaka

    Up for a challenge?

    Name one thing you believe that those who share your worldview are wrong about. Name one thing the “other side” has done that you agree with/are willing to praise.
  6. D

    Automated cars?

    Driverless cars on public highways? Go for it, Trump administration says If it happens. thoughts?
  7. P@triot

    President Trump's first term

    President Trump's first 50 days were incredible. His first 100 days were even better. He has proven me completely wrong so far. He continues to do get the job done in a big way with his latest Executive Order (a constitutional Executive Order by the way) directing the executive branch to...
  8. midcan5

    Veterans for Trump

    Why do veterans support Trump? Do they really think he will change the republican party's policies? Trump like so many republicans was a draft dodger. Lots of men were, I've only met one in my life who was honest and admitted getting a exemption. And while the lower classes served, the upper...
  9. Peony

    Hillary’s Noise Machine

    Many people use white noise machines in their bedroom to drown out distracting sounds that may disturb their sleep. They may even use the machine in hopes of muffling the sound of their own snores to avoid disturbing other people’s sleep. Hillary Clinton has taken this sound blocking idea to a...

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