1. Marion Morrison

    Antifa throws mortar into crowd, gets routed!

    So, like I've been saying, these jokers throw mortars into crowds, very dangerous. This time it was on the front lines, as soon as the mortar explodes, the clash is on! Antifa is getting the worst of it, and then the police provide a barrage of flashbangs to scatter the Antifa punks. You can...
  2. Fiero425

    Steelers - Patriots: Thursday Night Game

    Turned it on late, really just a few minutes after 9 pm EST! How in the world are they in the 3rd quarter already? NE just missed a tying "point after" so the score's now Pittsburg 17-16! Will have to check out the replay later! Both must have been running the ball relentlessly and throwing...
  3. Papageorgio


    Who is going to win and why?
  4. Oldstyle

    Patriots keep on rolling...Deflategate? Yeah, right...

    For those of you who declared that the Patriots only won because they cheated with deflated balls? Those of you who cheered when they were fined a million dollars, lost their first round draft pick and their star quarterback for a quarter of the season? Don't look now but the Pats are STILL...
  5. Alex.

    Tom Brady’s Suspension Reinstated

    "The four-game suspension to Tom Brady has been reinstated by the three-judge panel of the Second Circuit. Brady was initially issued a four-game suspension by the NFL for his alleged role in a ball-deflation scheme prior to the AFC Championship Game in January 2014. He appealed the suspension...

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