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  • I'm agreeable .. I'm appreciating your posts so I guess I'll follow you around .. sooo glad you're here..
    Have to agree with Wry Catcher. I post my opinion and then back it with facts and you neg-rep me for nothing other than the fact that YOU are a fucking water-boy.

    Grow up and learn to have a debate sans the partisan bull crap.
    Do you have evidence, probative evidence, that there is no collusion among health insurance companies? If so, post it or STFU. Don't give me a neg. rep. for posting, "I don't know" (if said collusion exists); I guess for being a know-it-all and reading a post where someone writes, "I don't know" is a concept you don't understand. All your arrogant response proved was you're an asshole, nothing more.
    late on thank for rep

    and yes how funny things change and they play their base like a fiddle
    I'm sacrificing America because I point out that Barack Obama doesn't have a clue what he's doing? LOL That's amusing, Huggy. It's amazing how many folks on this board that spent months pushing Barack Obama as a candidate are now declaring that THEY didn't vote for him!!!

    I don't use the N word and find those that do from the liberal perspective are playing the race card because they can't argue their position. Like you, Huggy...
    Obama koolaid drinker? Hardly. I didn't even vote for him. You people are mentally ill. How much of America are you willing to sacrifice to make the ****** look bad? Piss on you and your idiot friends.

    BTW Thanks for the neg rep. You baby racists have a nice day.
    Old Style, I work for a large global corporation in the legal/compliance department. I figured out quick that they hate the extra cost, but they loved seeing the impact to the smaller mom and pop competitors.
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