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  1. Robert Urbanek

    A different two-state solution

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict might be resolved by the creation of two states: Israel, incorporating the Golan Heights and the West Bank, and a separate Palestinian Gaza. Palestinians within the West Bank would become full citizens of Israel. Minus Gaza, Jews would still be a majority in the...
  2. deanrd

    Top Trump Mideast peace envoy to step down

    Top Trump Mideast peace envoy to step down "It has been the honor of a lifetime to have worked in the White House for over two and a half years under the leadership of President Trump. I am incredibly grateful to have been part of a team that drafted a vision for peace. This vision has the...
  3. L

    The PLO will no longer recognise Israel

    PLO announces will no longer recognize the State of Israel So the PLO finally admits to what has always been true. The palestinians, lead by Hamas and the PLO, have no interest in a Jewish state or co-existence. They rejected their state in 1948 and now suddenly claim that the pre-1967 border...
  4. Ecocertifmrl

    The absurdity of the propagandists.

    Just yesterday someone here made a ridiculous remark about how the Israelis "stand ready to protect their country" and to shoot muslim kids on their way to school. It is absurd - the whole world knows about the way Israel treats the Palestinians. Think what a first class conspiracy it would be...
  5. Ecocertifmrl

    Hamas or Palestinians or Hamas?

    I just wanted to say to everyone that Hamas as a terrorist organisation and/or as a political party and their wishes and goals are not automatically connected or in line with the Palestinian people and their wishes and goals. There are Palestinians who do not belong to Hamas but share their...
  6. American_Jihad

    Israel’s Anti-Israel Elites and Their Hatred of Israelis

    I don't know, if the left don't like the thread it will be moved... Israel’s Anti-Israel Elites and Their Hatred of Israelis The truly sick society is that of the left. May 10, 2016 Daniel Greenfield ... But that’s not the sort of rhetoric that Israel’s elites are worried about. Instead...
  7. citizenal

    Muslims Are People too!

    Presently, America is embroiled in a war on terrorism. As a result, much is being written about the “Muslim scourge” and the terrible beliefs of Islam. We have all read these condemning E-Mails, so there is no need to repeat them now. It should be obvious that a purpose of these E-Mails is to...

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