1. Litwin

    Any chance that Biden´s administration will support it ? Led by France, 10 EU countries call on Brussels to label nuclear energy as green source

    terrible news for Putin´s gas -station , any chance that Biden´s administration will support Finnish /France initiative ? Led by France, 10 EU countries call on Brussels to ... - Euronews › European affairs › Europe 5 days ago — Ten EU countries, led by France...
  2. Litwin

    Juchi barbarians (Muscovites) keep poisoning with Nuclear radiation us Europeans , Sweden, Finland, Danmark under Asiatic attack

    We have to introduce OIl - Gas Iranian sanctions on Nigeria with snow "Juchi barbarians (Muscovites) keep poisoning with Nuclear radiation us Europeans , Sweden, Finland, Danmark under Asiatic attack " 22 /23 June 2020, RN #IMS station SEP63 #Sweden detected 3isotopes; Cs-134, Cs-137 &...
  3. deanrd

    Republicans are still pushing the Hillary/uranium/Russia conspiracy.

    Trump’s cronies are in secret talks to sell nuclear tech to Saudi. The risks are clear House investigates 'White House plan' to share nuclear technology with Saudis Remember, it was Saudi Arabians headed by bin Laden that brought down the World Trade Center. And now Republicans want to sell...
  4. deanrd

    After Trump's N. Korea debacle, Obama's Iran deal looks wildly successful.

    Remember, Obama made Iran get rid of all their fissionable material. They don't have the material to make a bomb. If they begin again, it's because Trump scuttled the deal. But look at Trump's disaster. L'l Kim has made Trump look like a fool. Trump stopped training exercises all across...
  5. Crepitus

    North Korea upgrading nuclear research facility

    Satellite images show North Korea upgrading nuclear research facility So much for tRump's nuclear summit huh? I think an hearty "I told you so" is in order here.
  6. deanrd

    So EXCITING! This is going to work out even better than the Trump Tax Cuts, Carrier and Trump Care!

    Can you believe it? Another Trump Deal! He's putting together quite the record. Tax Cuts: A couple of trillion in new debt, a whopping 13% of the money from the cuts going to an amazing 2.8% of American workers. What a deal. Carrier: All it cost was millions and sadly, the jobs moved to...
  7. TheProgressivePatriot

    Hawaii Panic-Trump Keeps Playing Golf

    Everyone is familiar with the unfortunate events in Hawaii on January 13 when the entire state was thrown into panic mode over a false report of an incoming nuclear war head. After reading about a dozen accounts of incident, I realized that one important piece of information was missing. What...
  8. W

    Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

    Uncle Ferd says passin' a treaty is one thing - gettin' ever'body to abide by it is sumpin' else... Over 120 countries approved the first-ever legally binding treaty to ban nuclear weapons Saturday 8th July, 2017 - In what became a historic moment across the globe, 122 countries have approved...
  9. L

    Snipers: Homs 2011 to Damascus 2016; suicide bombers: McCain/Romney 2008-12 to Trump 2016

    Second stage: example of the day, Oct 19, 2016 An Ahrar al-Sham sniper snipes and hits a IV Reich mercenary on the outskirts of Der Khabeyah in western Damascus. Nuclear bombs: ABSOLUTELY NOT the ultimate illuminati weapon Last Prophet's words from Jul 2011. Added: how Trump ALSO illustrates...
  10. A

    FPI Analysis: What They Said Then, What We Know Now about the Iran Nuclear Deal

    Nearly one year ago, the United States and its international partners reached a landmark agreement with Iran that would curtail Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for robust sanctions relief. In multiple speeches, interviews, and congressional hearings that followed, U.S. officials defended...
  11. Maggdy

    East-world and Government of Hungary relations (current events)

    Only a few continuity, Five-fold increase recorded in Turkish-Hungarian bilateral trade volume July, 2014 ".… Turkey is Hungary’s fifth largest non-EU trade partner and bilateral trade turnover increased five-times since 2003. Last year, trade turnover growth was as much as 26 percent."...

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