1. toobfreak

    Myles Garrett, Football Thug Richly Rewarded -- -- -- just for being Black?

    I could have posted this to sports, but this is really a racial issue, because probably the most badly behaved football player in NFL history who attacked a QB, assaulted him, lied about it with unfounded racial slurs, nearly gave another player a concussion, could have ended his career, took...
  2. toobfreak

    FCC Receives Massive Storm of Complaints Over Superbowl Halftime

    The FCC has received a large volume of complaints forwarded to the NFL from concerned parents and viewers about the excessive pornography of the Halftime Show which is supposed to be family oriented and reflective of popular interests! Some people sent their children out of the room, the...
  3. Papageorgio

    Which is better?

    Six NBA Championship series or eight straight NBA Championship series? Nine Super Bowl appearances or four Super Bowl appearances?
  4. Astrostar

    Trump NFL

    A the new season approaches, I think all players and fans owe a debt of gratitude to President Trump for ending any mandatory requirement that they stand "with hand over heart" for the national anthem. Besides, and importantly, what player knows the words to "The Anthem of the Russian Federation?"
  5. NewsVine_Mariyam

    OPINION: Being black means constantly rendering yourself unthreatening to white people

    Opinion | Joy Reid: Everyday racism is the small, daily reminders that we're still not equal Joy-Ann Reid Everyday racism in America: Being black means constantly rendering yourself unthreatening to white people To be white in America is to assume ownership of public spaces. To be black is to...
  6. deanrd

    If Trump doesn't agree with you, free speech is a stunt, if he agrees, it's a first amendment right.

    Just now watching Sarah Huxster Sanders and she said the Baker winning his case was a great victory for the first amendment and the White House congratulates him. But, The NFL players protesting unarmed blacks being shot dead for what seems no reason besides walking while black is a stunt...
  7. BookShaka

    NFL owners approve team-by-team national anthem policy, will allow players to remain in locker room

    Can’t post the link for some stupid reason, but this article is from the Washington Post ATLANTA — NFL owners approved a new national anthem policy Wednesday that gives individual teams the authority to set their own anthem-related rules and permits players to remain in the locker room during...
  8. Ridgerunner

    Manning vs. Brady NFL Dominance Rankings.

    The Dominant 20 Perhaps the greatest testament to Peyton Manning's sustained excellence? He made being elite look ordinary; he was just that good. The 539 passing touchdowns, an NFL record. The 71,940 passing yards, also a league mark. The 186 wins at quarterback, the most in the NFL at the...
  9. Astrostar

    National Football League

    Well, the NFL playoffs are in full swing today, and I certainly hope that all Trumpsters are being loyal to the great orange one by not tuning in, therefore helping to keep those ratings down. Good alternative viewings would be the NBA, Women's college basketball and NASCAR, if there is a...
  10. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Of those who boycotted the NFL, more did so to support Trump than to support Colon Krappernick

    Poll: 33% of NFL fans 'purposely stopped watching' this season Throughout this 2017 NFL season, television ratings have declined and fans, TV pundits, and reporters have speculated as to the biggest cause. On social media, many people railed that players protesting during the national anthem...
  11. John.smith09

    NFL Ticket Sales Have Gone Through the Floor…

    Read Here :REPORT: NFL Ticket Sales Have Gone Through the Floor… - U.S. Daily
  12. cnelsen

    Can even "race realism" solve our fatal flaw?

    We've tried everything--even making ourselves a minority--and things just keep getting worse. Race may be an intractable problem, even without a powerful and hostile tribe relentlessly fanning the flames of race hatred. Genuflecting is in the news—football players, mainly black ones, “taking a...
  13. sedumka

    NFL’s Major Sponsor Ford Supports National Anthem Protest, Says That Trump’s Behavior Is…

    NFL players on practically every team exhibited some kind of protesting and lack of respect for our military men and ladies, joining against President Trump and our country. These NFL tycoons seem to be very satisfied with themselves for their shameful conduct. We are even stunned by some who...
  14. usmbguest5318

    CDZ The right time and place for advocacy/protest is when and where one can or wants to

    When it comes to one's expressing their (dis-)approbation of an idea -- that is, one advocating/protesting [1] for or against it -- almost any time or place is permissible, though there are some limits. The key factors to keep in mind regarding protesting are the location of the...
  15. ColonelAngus

    DIRECTV getting LOTS of cancellation requests for NFL Sunday Ticket, might reverse "NO REFUNDS"

    The free market will take care of the NFL one way or another.
  16. Papageorgio


    Thursday, Sept. 7 Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots, Home team here, Sunday, Sept. 10 New York Jets at Buffalo Bills, Bills should have no issues against the Jets Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears, Falcons could make it back to the Super Bowl Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati...
  17. ChrisL

    Aaron Hernandez dead!

    I didn't know whether to post this here or in the sports section, but it's a little more than your typical sports story, so I figured it was appropriate here. Apparently, Aaron Hernandez was found dead (suspected suicide) in his jail cell very early this morning. This is breaking news, and...
  18. Papageorgio

    Who is the Greatest QB of All Time?

    Who is the Greatest Quarterback of All Time? What is your criteria? Over the decades the game has changed and evolved, every era has had their greats. Who is the greatest? I listed 12 QB's not sure if I left anyone who could be considered as a top QB. Make your case of who is the greatest.
  19. midcan5

    Darkest Superbowl?

    While this piece could be in the politics section it speaks to an area that rarely gets coverage, the intersection of sports and politics. A man in church with his daughter thinking wtf is going on today in America. Sports is the new religion in America, the enormous flag and the bowing of...
  20. Y

    The Vike's have certainly choked

    Since their early undefeated run, the Vike's have certainly choked. Now it looks unlikely that they will NOT even be a playoff team this year. Dallas, NY, Detroit, Atlanta, and Seattle are all dominating the NFC. The Vike's need to hope they can end up better than DC, Tampa, and Green Bay...
  21. Papageorgio

    2015 Week 9 NFL Predictions

    WEEK 9 Thursday, Nov. 5 Browns at Bengals Coach has no confidence in Johnny Football, neither do I. Sunday, Nov. 8 Dolphins at Bills Miami will bounce back from set back Packers at Panthers Picking the home team, the Carolina defense will hold. Rams at Vikings St. Louis has the better RB...

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