1. Silver Cat

    Kanyon’s Reach: Rethinking the Nuclear Triad in the Autonomous Age

    Let's discuss the article about new Russian "game-changers" written by Lieutenant Commander Joshua M. M. Portzer, U.S. Navy. ----------------- [...] The U.S. Navy should find this weapon...
  2. EvilEyeFleegle

    Mutiny! Navy secretary backs SEAL's expulsion review

    Rebellion in the ranks? Looks like another job opening soon! Exclusive: U.S. Navy secretary backs SEAL's expulsion review, despite Trump objection Here's the thing--The President is the Commander-in-chief--and he can do what he wants..but the opinion of your peers is important in the...
  3. EvilEyeFleegle

    Uss Lexington Found!

    Video: Wreckage Of USS Lexington, Sunk During WWII, Found In Coral Sea "The wreckage of a United States aircraft carrier, named USS Lexington that was sunk by the Japanese during World War II, was found on the floor of the Coral Sea more than 500 miles off the eastern coast of Australia. The...
  4. 336

    Pros and Cons of Each Branch

    While I'm almost dead set on joining the Marines I still would like to gather more information on each branch to help solidify my position. I was hoping everyone here who has served can shed some light on the pros and cons of their particular branch. What's the best part of your branch? What's...

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