1. ding

    Is the Occupation of the West Bank Morally Justified?

    The definition of ethics is a moral principle that govern behavior or the conducting of an activity; the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles. The purpose of this OP is to discuss the morality/ethics of the occupation of the West Bank. "The world recently marked fifty years...
  2. ding

    Is the construct of good and evil an artifact of intelligence?

    Do you believe the construct of good and evil to be an artifact of intelligence?
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    Utah Repeals Fornication Law – Sex Outside Of Marriage Now Legal

    Really? Wow ! Who would have thought that such a law would still be on the books? I found this interesting for a couple of reasons. The law was passed in 1973! When the sexual revolution was already in full swing. Maybe that is why it was passed Secondly, some conservative Republicans, ( and...
  4. ding

    Bull Ring Are morals absolute or relative

    The purpose of this debate is to discuss whether morals are relative or absolute. forkup will debate the position that morals are relative. ding will debate the position that morals are absolute and that it is the perception of morals that are relative. I will ask the mods if they are...
  5. Brian Blackwell

    What’s the difference between Right and Wrong?

    ...and what IS morality? How does it work, what is its purpose?
  6. Brian Blackwell

    CDZ Anarchy: Moral Imperative or Inherently Immoral?

    This thread follows the conclusion of a conversation between myself and Xelor on the following thread: CDZ - The Government of No Authority, Part 1: Law and Morality The transitional comment is provided here for easy reference: "I have claimed that any moral person must conclude that...
  7. Brian Blackwell

    CDZ The Government of No Authority, Part 1: Law and Morality

    In this thread, I will outline a simple argument that demonstrates the inherent inconsistency between morality and governmental law. Following the formal argument, you will find a more thorough explanation of supporting reasoning. I hope some here will find this investigation thought-provoking...
  8. ding

    Is virtue the greatest organizing principle known to man?

    Is virtue the greatest organizing principle known to man? The short answer is yes. Virtue is the foundation of a harmonious and orderly society. Virtue is the glue that holds communities and societies together. Our Founding Fathers believed that virtue and morality were indispensable pillars...
  9. Peony

    Baby, It’s Cold Consent

    The 1944 song Baby, It’s Cold Outside has been updated for the current century. You know, the 21 century where morality and sensibility have evolved. The Stay Out of My Bedroom but Celebrate My Sexual Choices century. The Love is Love century. The How Dare You Judge? century. The Don’t...
  10. northpolarbear

    Fair trial law includes knowing who the accuser is, what you are accused of, fair defense chance

    Seriously, help me. I am wronged. It is illegal "anywhere" by the United Nations, not just specifically USA & Canada. Not to mention how I am not obligated to follow a foreign law when I don't reside there & I am legal by my own country's laws. Fair trial law includes knowing who the accuser...

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