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  1. Toro

    Renewable Energy States Voted for Trump

    Specifically, wind states. Nearly ninety percent of all the new capacity for wind generation installed in 2016 were in states that voted for Trump. Wind supplied just over 6% of the country’s electricity last year, and the industry employed close to 102,000 people—nearly double the number...
  2. Toro

    NFL 2017

    The Vikings suck. That is all.
  3. Y

    The Vike's have certainly choked

    Since their early undefeated run, the Vike's have certainly choked. Now it looks unlikely that they will NOT even be a playoff team this year. Dallas, NY, Detroit, Atlanta, and Seattle are all dominating the NFC. The Vike's need to hope they can end up better than DC, Tampa, and Green Bay...
  4. Toro

    Sorry Trump Supporters - Brexit Isn't Helping You

    Polls were close in the final weeks of the Brexit vote. EU referendum poll of polls - Financial Times Polls are not close in the final weeks of the US election http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-forecast/national-polls/ And Trump's lead has shrunk to within the margin of...

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