1. U

    Open and Honest Discussion About the Wall

    The problem with most people, especially the people that are pure followers, is not being able to see past the political rhetoric and even more so their own personal prejudices. Most people never bother to see past their own rhetoric and understand the end results of their actions, beliefs and...
  2. deanrd

    Trump is bringing back conservative "values"

    So there are two competing events going on tonight. There is the Washington Press event which raises money for education. There is the Trump "suck my dik" party in Michigan with white Trump sycophants. So the camera has been alternating between the Red Carpet and the Sycophants. So Trump...
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Reality of Deportaions

    While there have been way to many threads about Trump in general, it's interesting to not that there have been few if any about his plan to deport millions of Latinos and the implications of that . So, here we go! What is behind it? In part it is obvious pandering to a bigoted and...

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