1. deanrd

    Who knew the leader of the Free World would be a woman from Germany?

    After Trump insulted the Western Democracies and wanted murderer and authoritarian Vladimir Putin by his side, it's quite obvious that Donald Trump has abdicated America's position as leader of the Free World. Photo of Merkel, Trump Goes Viral Trump, in contrast, has let his characteristic...
  2. toobfreak

    Europe: Maintaining The Eternal Illusion of Peace, Pacifism and Progress

    Three things mutually exclusive. No one achieves let alone keeps the peace through pacifism, much less makes progress. That would be akin to trying to win a wrestling match against your opponent by conceding the match before it even begins. Such thinking is the methods of cowards, who think...
  3. Litwin

    Putin's Secret Plan—Divide And Conquer Europe

    great article, My question is simple, on which side trump´s base and the reality star by himself? "Russia as the motherland of conservatism can also be felt in the ever-closer ties established with far-right populist movements, in particular the French National Front. Putin has long wagered on...
  4. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Surprise, surprise. Germany won't meet its emissions goal for 2020

    Angela Merkel Lectured Trump On Global Warming, Now Germany Abandoning Its Climate Goal Germany will abandon its 2020 national global warming goal, a huge embarrassment to Chancellor Angela Merkel, as part of a deal to put together a coalition government in the wake of September’s elections...
  5. O

    Proof that Angela Merkel is a Jewish Communist

    Have you ever wondered who's to blame for the invasion of Europe and the assault on the European people and their culture? Merkel's family's original name was "Kaźmierczak", a Jewish surname. There is much more evidence linking her to the larger Jewish, Communist assault on civilization. You...
  6. L

    Merkel, gas chambers and their mamma: ALL THREE fathered by (TWO) Hitler(s)

    Merkel, gas chambers and their mama: ALL THREE fathered by (TWO) Hitler(s) Not only the gas chambers but literally also Angela Merkel were fathered by Adolf Hitler. Not to be confused with "Mamma Merkel" meant as mother of the neo-Auschwitz camps: also fathered by a Hitler but a different one...
  7. anotherlife

    Merkel Decoded

    Ever wondered why Merkel does this absurd immigration game? Here is an explanation. Before the Arabs this winter, all the insolvent EU countries sent their citizens to Germany to survive. But if you are a German creditor, you need to send them back, or you lose your interest income. So, how...

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