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  1. The Duke

    It's Over; The FBI and DOJ done messeded up bigly.

    It's over! I thought FBI had to have 2 years of law school? Apparently they have never studied precedents of former presidents and Vice Presidents taking things home with them. There are many, many listed in this court case here where the judge ruled Clinton got to keep the tapes he made: " NARA...
  2. deanrd

    You do understand why Trump canceled his trip to Poland, don’t you?

    You do understand why Trump canceled his trip to Poland, don’t you? Trump is terrified that his properties are going to be hit with a category four hurricane. He doesn’t want to go to Poland or worry about the country when he has Mar-a-Lago and Darrell golf course to worry about. If...
  3. deanrd

    Lawsuit: Trump’s mar-a-Lago three in violation of the Federal Records, Administrative Procedures Act

    VA sued over private emails between former top official and ‘Mar-a-Lago Crowd’ The suit alleges former VA Secretary David Shulkin used a private, non-official email account to communicate with Marvel Entertainment Chairman Ike Perlmutter, lawyer Marc Sherman and Bruce Moskowitz, a Palm Beach...
  4. woz75

    On Vacation: Trump Leaving Mar-a-Lago to Spend Easter Weekend at White House

    The president’s repeated trips to the White House has caught the attention of government watchdogs and Democrats. A widely reported estimate sets the cost to taxpayers at over $3 million for each weekend spent in the nation’s capital. full story: On Vacation: Trump Leaving Mar-a-Lago to Spend...

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