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left-wing ideology

  1. P@triot

    The complete absurdity of the left exposed

    What does it say about the left-wing ideology that extreme, absurd, over the top comedy from 40 years ago has literally become the core of their entire ideology and what drives their legislation? Nobody with logic, reason, and common sense could possibly take the left seriously about anything...
  2. P@triot


    And that is the whole point. Canada has embraced fascism in its purest form. Even more so than England. Take down God. Replace Him with fascist government.
  3. DigitalDrifter

    U.S. intel concludes China reported fake numbers to conceal true size of coronavirus outbreak

    But of course this report will be ignored by the left, since they don't want to upset their new heroes. "China Concealed Extent of Virus Outbreak, U.S. Intelligence Says" "China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths...
  4. P@triot

    Want more proof that the left-wing ideology ends in catastrophe every time?

    The left has spent the past few weeks throwing a tantrum that President Trump and his Administration have not addressed the corona virus outbreak properly. They complain about response, preparation, funding, and more. But they fail to mention that if our borders were secure and our ports of...
  5. P@triot

    CDZ Inviting ALL leftists for an HONEST conversation

    The left is pushing harder than ever for socialism. I've posed this question before but have been unable to get a single leftist to provide an answer: why doesn't the left just create socialism within the confines of the free market? I'm asking an honest question here. Nobody is stopping the...
  6. P@triot

    An examination of the left

    Matt Walsh absolutely nails it. This is a must watch.
  7. Weatherman2020

    American Couple Believing 'Evil Is A Make-Believe Concept' Bike Through ISIS Territory. End up Dead

    American Couple Believing 'Evil Is A Make-Believe Concept' Bike Through ISIS Territory. ISIS Stabs Them To Death. American Couple Believing 'Evil Is A Make-Believe Concept' Bike Through ISIS Territory. ISIS Stabs Them To Death. Once again the Left outdo The Onion.
  8. P@triot

    Progressivism is incompatible with life

    Everything about the progressive ideology (the victim mentality, the promotion of promiscuity, the facilitation of abortion, the refusal to take personal responsibility, the entitlement, the rejection of God, the demonization of success, etc.) is incompatible with life. The progressive ideology...
  9. P@triot

    A professionals look at the mindset

    So I'm watching a crime documentary and this is what an expert says word-for-word (I allowed voice dictation to record it so that I couldn't make a mistake... Does that not perfectly describe the mindset of the left? Think about it carefully for a moment. There is a deep feeling of entitlement...
  10. P@triot

    George Soros: the quintessential progressive

    George Soros is the quintessential progressive. He hates America: He hates capitalism and embraces communism: He revels in collapsing economies and placing millions in poverty so that he can control everything: He deeply desires control over nations he is not a citizen of and he's a...
  11. P@triot

    The multi-billion dollar question

    Take a look at the way George Soros spends his money: He donated $90 million to various groups that were behind the DC Women’s March [1] He committed more than $25 million to supporting Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes [2] Stated that his political philanthropy...
  12. P@triot

    "Reasons to vote for Democrats" becomes bestseller

    I don't care what side of the aisle you're on - that is freaking hilarious... That's right - the entire book is blank other than the Table of Contents and the Bibliography. :lmao: Blank Book Called ‘Reasons To Vote For Democrats’ Becomes Bestseller
  13. P@triot

    The left-wing false narrative fails yet again

    One of the left's favorite false narrative is that nobody needs a firearm because we have law enforcement to "protect us". This woman strictly adhered to the left-wing ideology on personal protection - she relied solely on law enforcement. This morning, both she and her son are dead. Left-wing...

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