laws of nature

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    The Visible World

    The following are my beliefs which in part come from my faith. I believe God created the material world and everything in it. Please feel free to discuss. God himself created the visible world in all its richness, diversity and order. Scripture presents the work of the Creator symbolically as a...
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    Is the universe an intelligence creating machine?

    Do you believe that given enough time and the right conditions that intelligence will eventually arise?
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    Does Nature have a preference for life to exist?

    You hear all the time that people believe in a higher power but that he is an impersonal God who doesn't care what happens to us. But is that really what the data would suggest? So my question is... Does Nature have a preference for life to exist? I say, yes. Yes, Nature has a preference for...
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    Intelligence is the pinnacle of creation

    We are literally faced with the mind blowing reality that our universe miraculously once occupied the space of one billionth of one trillionth the size of a single atom and then began to expand and cool until such a time it produced beings that know and create and can contemplate their origin.
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    Where do moral laws come from?

    Before space and time were created the laws of nature were already in place. The potential for all realities existed before space and time existed because those laws of nature were in place before space and time. Everything which has unfolded since space and time were created occurred because...
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    The Laws of Nature existed before space and time

    If the universe is expanding then it must have a beginning. If you follow it backwards in time, then any object must come to a boundary of space time. You cannot continue that history indefinitely. This is still true even if a universe has periods of contraction. It still has to have a beginning...

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