1. Litwin

    Stalinist killers-record-breakers

    i posted already one of them came 6 more butchers ... Сталинские палачи-рекордсмены | Блог Толкователя sorry for google translate, but still Stalin's hangmen-record-breakers 02/07/2013 Stalinists and Soviet patriots undeservedly silent about another type of "Stakhanovites" -...
  2. Litwin

    Moscow To Unveil Post-Soviet Lenin, Stalin Memorials

    bronze busts of Koba (the worst in the history mass-killer) , Lenin whats coming next for Muscovy , reopening of GULAG, Kurapaty? " MOSCOW -- Russia's capital is set to unveil a series of bronze busts of Soviet leaders, including rare post-Soviet Russian memorials to Vladimir Lenin and...
  3. Litwin

    Relatives of Swedish war hero Wallenberg sue Russia's FSB

    a typical morder story , saved thousands of Jews Killed by NKVD...question, will Kremlin NKVD (FSB) thugs tell the truth , pay compensation to the Relatives of Swedish and World war hero Raoul Wallenberg? " MOSCOW (Reuters) - Relatives of Swedish war hero Raoul Wallenberg filed a lawsuit in a...
  4. anotherlife

    What is it like to live alone?

    Someone on another forum said, that not having sex doesn't kill you because everyone can buy it from whores, but not getting love does. And this seems true, statistically at least. What is it about love that kills people? Most old people live alone. They could be attacked at any time, on...

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