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  1. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Kathy Griffin claims she wasted "tens of thousands of $$" on attorney, Lisa Bloom

    Kathy Griffin Cuts Ties with Lisa Bloom Over Trump Beheading Photo, Press Conference Kathy Griffin has apparently cut off her old attorney, Lisa Bloom ... and it all seems to be traced back to her Trump beheading photo and subsequent press conference. Kathy tweeted (without much context)...
  2. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Libs care so much about minorities & women that only a white male celeb kept his job after apology

    Reza Aslan, Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher: TV takes offense – selectively The last couple of weeks could serve as a case study for anyone looking into where political correctness, free speech and the priorities of TV networks intersect. It all began with Kathy Griffin posing with a severed head...
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    Remember when Kathy Griffin loved Trump and appeared on The Apprentice?

    She's just a corporate whore who does what her masters tell her to do.
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    Confirm or Deny: CNN will hire Kathy Griffin back after coverage of her scandal dies down

    Once the 24 hour news cycle moves on to the next big story, the mainstream media will stop covering Kathy Griffin. I bet CNN will hire her back, and the advertisers will coming sneaking back when they think no one is watching anymore.

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