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  1. a loss for words

    It is almost a year, and I still think I made the right decision.

    I voted for Johnson. Voting for Trump was just not a possibility for me. The same for Clinton. Clinton was and remains a corrupt predatory slimebal. Trump was and remains a vainglorious and ridiculous perverted jerk. I am sort of glad people held their noses and voted for Trump. There is no...
  2. LibertyThunder

    NEW POLL: Johnson in 2nd, Trump in Nose Dive with Voters Under 30

    Poll shows Trump in 4th place with single digit approval - SOURCE
  3. Fiero425

    Donald Trump to hold rally in Green Bay on Friday

    Donald Trump to hold rally in Green Bay on Friday - - Donald Trump is headed to Wisconsin, where some of the state's Republican officials have been distancing themselves from politically charged...

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