1. HaShev

    Zone1 Todays events validating an old lesson- Revisiting that LESSON in retrospect from the Heavenly Father on Father's Day

    A message from the Heavenly Father on Father's day: this was scoffed and mocked at the time, but now seeing what Israel achieved vs what Palestinian's did with the same divided territory, along with visuals including how they destroy our country and stability, this lesson is more than just a...

    Hamas (It’s the real name, not name-calling or a pet name) alleged atrocities (nothing inflammatory only alleged) on October 7 (the official date)

    It is my opinion that it’s all false. (first sentence) There is no proof. (second sentence). There is no exhibit. (third sentence). There is no credibility. (fourth sentence). But can it be true? )fifth sentence. Here is what one view on the subject is - I'm not sure if it should be a colon or a...
  3. Sayaras

    Terrified in Gedera: Illegal Arab resident sprays swastika, attempts to enter houses

    Note: Arab illegal residents is a huge problem in Israel. Source Terrified residents in Gedera: "Illegal resident tried to enter the houses". Frightened residents who live in Gedera reported to the police about illegal residents who are walking around the courtyards of the houses and trying...
  4. Pastelli

    African refugee escaping Arab racist genocide - fulfills dream in multiracial - Democratic Israel

    While sjp palestine racists will highlight any cases which any western country has likewise... Refugee who fled Sudan civil war fulfills Olympic dream in Israel. For Jamal Abdoul-Magid, life's an endless obstacle course: from a refugee cleaner on Herzliya beach to top athlete discovered by...
  5. Pastelli

    One of the ironies is some BLM cowing to "palestine" propaganda - despite Arab racism goliath

    Do some at BLM even know what ABID means among Arabs especially among Arab "palestine"? The "palestine" racist Arab example: Aaron Klein, "Rice labeled 'black spinster'", YNet, July 31, 2006.,7340,L-3284271,00.html Some global examples here: And not just...
  6. Sayaras

    Swastika-palestine: Arab "Palestinian" leader of encampment on SU campus: " 'Anti-Semite' who praised Hitler, called for 'Death to Jews' "

    Aziza Zahran is typical, as in praising Hitler and asking why he didn't finish the job - at the same time the SJP racist palestine Arab has been comparing Nazi Germany to Israel... just like that infamous outcast troll here who wont be able to withhold her spamming childish, yet racist, boring...
  7. Pastelli

    Genocide Palestine nazi mob: "go back to Germany and get gassed" (GRAP)

    Maybe fascist palestine encampment needs to be "dependent on the context."
  8. Sayaras

    The roots of 7 October atrocities are in the pogroms of 1834. (Islamist bigotry)

    The following translated piece from French is important for historical and present events. The roots of 7 October are in the pogroms of 1834. The Hamas 7 October massacre echoes previous pogroms in Palestine – notably the Safed pogrom of 1834. In this masterful analysis, published by the...
  9. Sayaras

    Saudis say Iran instigated Oct/7 Gaza war to sabotage Israel normalization

    My question is: What took the Saudis 6 months to acknowledge it finally? _______ Saudis say Iran instigated Gaza war to sabotage Israel normalization. “Iran is a nation that endorses terrorism, and the world should have curtailed it much earlier," a member of the royal family told Hebrew...
  10. Sayaras

    Hamas, Gaza "palestine" regime wants a World Islamic State

    Tell it to BLM radicals who think it's about "liberation"... __ G. ROMAN: We asked many times, why did they want? Yarden says they repeatedly say, just one cause. Jihad. A world of jihad. And Muslim empire. ROMAN-GAT: Their aim is to get the world to be Islamic. The whole world. GOLODRYGA...
  11. FDR_Reagan

    PallyWeid and Hamas OFFICIAL document

    Comment. So it's not just the made up numbers of 30k but victims of their own crimes ae pinned on the zionist state +++ Hamas document reveals it hides casualties, blames failed rocket launches on Israel - IDF. An official Hamas document recovered by IDF soldiers proves that many Gazan...
  12. FDR_Reagan

    Lying Islamic Fascist Republic SOCKPUPPET -ing online and then some [Taqiyya]

    This Mullahcracy online Taqyia had been going on for years. But now, with its proxies unleashed... Iran surges cyber-enabled influence operations in support of Hamas. 02/07/2024 Reading time: 15 minutes Iran surges cyber-enabled influence operations in support of Hamas Introduction As the...
  13. Litwin

    Israel and Moscow empire Fall Out (Sending Aid to Ukraine) || Peter Zeihan

    Israel had a “relationship” for a while. But befriending the new 🇷🇺🇸🇦nazis is unacceptable. This could be a great opportunity to also get Moscow 🇷🇺 🇸🇦 horde (empire ) out of Lebanon/Syria/Iraq. "Let us begin with this evident fact: Muscovy does not belong at all to Europe, but to Asia. It...
  14. S

    Arabs chant “From river to sea”.

    Arabs chant “From river to sea”; (i.e. eliminate all Jews). Palestinians will not accept a two-nation solution and they cannot reconcile with the fact that the nation of Israel will continue to exist; Israel now (with good reason) fears permitting Palestinians to even enter and daily working...
  15. georgephillip

    2/3 of Israeli Jews Support Starving Palestinians in Gaza

    "This is a shocking data point. "The Israeli Democracy Institute released a survey this week showing that over 2/3 of Jewish Israelis—68% that is—opposed 'the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza residents at this time....'" "The numbers are worse when it comes to right-wing Jewish Israelis...
  16. Sayaras

    ‘Disgrace’: US House speaker slams Biden’s policy on ‘settlements’

    Comment: One thing is clear. It's first a Biden campaign... pandering to the Arab Lobby - Islamist lobby, CAIR or Michigan Arab..leaders. Dearborn, America’s Jihad Capital Especially ARAB IMMIGRANT Osama Siblani (of Arab American News) = Hamas/Hezbolah fan. Re JUDEA.. ‘Disgrace’: US House...
  17. FDR_Reagan

    pAlEsTiNiAn Islamofascists murder another pious Jew who avoid serving in IDF

    At the racist-Arab terror shooting attack on a bus station at the Masmiya junction near Gedera - 02.16.24. Of course they're about "freedom fighting" and pigs fly too. All Arabs know Haredi Jews, overwhelmingly avoid inscription in IDF. ÷÷÷÷÷ Yeshiva student named as first victim of...
  18. FDR_Reagan

    Lies and more lies about Arabs supposedly welcoming Jews

    PALLYWOOD This fake take was contributed to Days of Palestine by: Mustajab Zehra Dhoki. Who can forget the Holocaust of Jews? In 1933 when Hitler the German Christian took over the oath as the General of Germany , he murdered thousands of Jews living in Germany and Eastern Europe, total...
  19. Sayaras

    Anti-Woke cool Argentine's Prez. Milei - Pledges moving embassy to Jerusalem -Jews historic capital

    Brave and unafraid of woke mobs...or of racist-Arab-Islamist-riots Javier Milei, touches the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray, at Jerusalem's Old City, Tuesday Feb 6, 2024. (AP/Leo Correa). In a show of solidarity with Israel, Argentina's new president, is in Israel, after...
  20. Sayaras

    Zone1 Netanyahu shows Bible: "'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty"

    Netanyahu is secular. Like most Israelis. However, he trusts God. Netanyahu points to sign with verse in Zechariah 4:6: "'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty" As he vows for victory in Swords of Iron operation upon meeting Jews of all ethnicities and colors...
  21. Pastelli

    Bravery: Risking torture & execution, Iranians' banner: "We stand with Israel"

    Let's pray, the Islamofascist stormtroopers won't catch these heroes. Risking torture and execution, Iranians in Iran recently put up this banner in the middle of the night. Reads in Farsi and English, “We stand with Israel” GOOGLING... Palestinian use human shields ___________...
  22. FDR_Reagan

    Racist-Arab pAlEsTiNIaN combined attack: at least 1 murdered, 19 injured including 4 children, 5 in serious condition

    Note: These Islamofascistic attempted butchery has been the 'regular' scene for years. Regardless what Israel does or does not do. Combined attack in Ra'anana: murdering 1, at least 19 injured including 4 children, 5 in serious condition. Stabbed a driver, stole her car - and started a rampage...
  23. FDR_Reagan

    Blood money for pAlESTiNIaN authority

    And you thought it's just genocidal gaza-health-ministry Hamas. Aid for Palestinian Authority has been contributing to pay-for-slay. Twice as Many Israelis Died in One Month of Biden than in One Year of Trump June 26, 2023. PA to give Hamas terrorists' families close to $3 million in...
  24. FDR_Reagan

    R.I.P. IDF beautiful black Zionist soldier

    PS I'm White. _ I'm guessing, the arrested "1,300 are affiliated with Hamas" in the article are besides the 9,000 Hamas butchers eliminated or arrested, as per Jan 5. Jan 5 2024 update: - "IDF says officer killed in northern Gaza fighting, raising ground operation toll to 176." - Link...
  25. FDR_Reagan

    pAlEsTInE child-killers Hamas: we seek global Islamist domination Caliphate (post its Oct 7 atrocities)

    And you thought these racist-Arab child killers, who target non-Arab civilians while using its own Arab civilians... will stop with the infidels on the holyland? Hamas Official Fathi Hammad: Palestinians Are Preparing To Establish An Islamic Caliphate With Jerusalem As Its Capital; West Bank...
  26. Sayaras

    Islamofascist fires from near a mosque at Israeli church wounding elderly - good-guys-IDF hurt while evacuating him

    Could you imagine what Islamized Bethlehem Arab-propagandists would do if it wasn't Muslims attacking Church? Recap: Islamofascist Iran's Arab racist thugs Hezbollah fire from near a mosque - at Israeli church- wounding elderly. The good-guys: IDF are hurt, while evacuating him...
  27. Sayaras

    Africans in solidarity w/ courageous Zionist State

    Courage in ME come in all shapes.. Exclusive: South Sudanese March In Tel Aviv In Solidarity with Israel. Geller Report, December 19, 2023:
  28. FDR_Reagan

    US: "Israel is protecting civilians in ways even we wouldn't"

    This needs to be talked about. VS Palestinian leaderdship who seek civilian deaths White House spokesperson: Israel is protecting civilians in ways even we wouldn't. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby highlights some of the steps the IDF has taken to prevent civilian casualties in...
  29. FDR_Reagan

    ISIS racist pAlEsTiNiANs vandalize BIBLE's Joshua tomb w/ GENOCIDE calls, pro Oct.7

    So much for freedom fighting. 'Death to Jews': Joshua's Tomb vandalized Dec 13, 2023. The vandalism at Joshua's Tomb The gravesite of Joshua bin Nun in Samaria was vandalized[sic], with malicious graffiti, including encouragement of Hamas and the October 7 massacre. Among the words...
  30. Sayaras

    Arabs: 'We're all Israelis' watching Oct 7 horror clips

    Despite al jihadzeera trying to paint a twisted picture... See this: 'We are all Israelis': Arab sector leaders watch October 7 horror film. In attendance were heads of local municipal authorities, community leaders, media personalities...

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