1. Ancient lion

    Anti-Muslim Hate Sites Celebrates New Zealand Mosque Massacres

    Terrifying response from the neo-nazis. Terrorists-to-come celebrate an attack by one of their evil brothers: source Google and social media must block and report all these hate activists immediately. Anyone who ignite hatred against his neighbors is a potential suspect.
  2. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Dr. Wesley Muhammad says being gay is a sickness

    So do liberals side with gay people on this? If so, are they islamophobes and racists? Or do they side with Dr. Wesley Muhammad, and, if so, are they homophobes?
  3. Ancient lion

    A Recipe For Anti-Muslim Hatred!

    There are predictable ingredients in a Muslim-hatred souffle. You mix the following ingredients: Remain superficial. Do not study the Quran deeply. Best to rely on Google or websites that cherry pick verses out of context to make their point, or weave together the most offensive quotations...
  4. Ancient lion

    Virginia: 17-Y old Muslim girl beaten to death after leaving a mosque

    A tragic attack took place over the weekend during the Ramadan Muslim holiday, after a man jumped out of his car with a baseball bat and began swinging at a group of girls who had just left a mosque about to begin their sunrise fast . One of girls was 17-year-old known as Nabra who was reported...
  5. MindWars

    German Government worries about Islamophobia after muslim refugee rapes & kills woman

    The German government has reacted to the shocking news about a Muslim migrant who raped and killed a 19-year-old woman by warning that it would be watching Facebook posts carefully for instances of Islamophobia. German Government Worries About Islamophobia After Muslim Refugee Rapes & Kills...
  6. N

    Why the sudden disgust for Trump?

    As a young citizen of the United States I cannot seem to fathom or comprehend the support for the Republican nominee Donald Trump. America will basically have to choose between the lesser of two evils, but I would think if one was a somewhat decent human being the obvious choice would be Hillary...
  7. Brynmr

    Free Speech Champions Fight ‘Islamophobia’ Industry

    [The OSCE's] stated overall objective is helping governments protect and promote human rights, fundamental freedoms and tolerance and non-discrimination, as well as to improve and strengthen democratic practices and institutions. Except that the actual theme of the two-day proceedings had a lot...
  8. American_Jihad

    Islam Awareness Week

    I think we are all aware of the beasts... A Little More On Islam Awareness Week The effective way to counter Muslim propaganda. April 11, 2016 Hugh Fitzgerald Several days ago Robert Spencer posted the photograph of a sign advertising a Muslim propaganda meeting, as part of a...
  9. American_Jihad

    Time Magazine Blames America’s Crumbling Infrastructure on 'Islamophobia'

    Where do these morons come from... Time Magazine Blames America’s Crumbling Infrastructure on 'Islamophobia' From Whittaker Chambers to Haroon Moghul is a steep descent. March 8, 2016 Robert Spencer The clown prince of “Islamophobia” propagandists, Haroon Moghul, published this ominous...
  10. American_Jihad

    CAIR Vows to Save US

    Trump will put them on the terror list where they belong... CAIR Vows to Save US from 'the Trumps, the Cruzs, the Pamela Gellers, the Robert Spencers' Not the Syed Rizwan Farooks, Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs and Nidal Malik Hasans. February 26, 2016 Robert Spencer Jacob Bender, the non-Muslim...
  11. TeaBagger

    Proof Positive Fox is Now Islam's Propaganda Machine

    Muslim Owned Fox News Produce Sitcom to Combat "Islamophobia" Propaganda machine Fox News is owned by Muslims and that is why they have been so against replacing fossil fuels with green renewable home grown energy. It is no secret that American corporations are in bed with OPEC and most members...

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