1. Bob Blaylock

    No More Lies: Exposing the Roots of Gender Ideology

    I really cannot add much to this article. It states things that ought to be obvious to every rational human mind, but which many, these days, are actively denying, preferring darkness over light, madness over reason, evil over good. The article expands on the following half-dozen points… No...
  2. ChemEngineer

    Democrat Insanity

    More Millennials like socialism than capitalism. They are clueless.
  3. P@triot

    The crazy runs deep with them

    The eyes never lie...
  4. P@triot

    Is it even possible to take the left seriously at this point?

    This is so far off of the sanity reservation that it's impossible to take it seriously. I can only assume this is some bizarre publicity stunt or a dare by an acquaintance. Sooooo...we're supposed to give all of our property to black people? Right. And "racists" should be fired from their jobs...
  5. Pogo

    Rump Descends Into Madness Claiming SNL Is Rigging Election

    As we all have to keep reminding ourselves --- this is not a satire piece from the Onion ... this is real. >>Donald Trump is claiming that Saturday Night live is out to get him and that the late night comedy show is rigging the election for Hillary Clinton. The SNL cold open focusing on the...

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