1. T

    Schultz ending presidential campaign

    I honestly forgot all about the guy. :dunno: Howard Schultz to end presidential campaign (Axios) . Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who put his independent presidential exploration on hold in June, will tell supporters later this morning that he's abandoning his campaign but still plans to...
  2. g5000

    Chief Justice Roberts Rebukes Trump

    Trump did something unconstitutional. If he was a black guy, the pseuedocons would have added that to their growing List O'Reasons To Impeach they used to copy and paste on this forum a few years ago. A federal judge placed an injunction on Trump's action. So, as predictable as the sun...
  3. J

    What are you most passionate about politically?

    What are some positions you have that fall outside the norm for your chosen (or chosen for you) affiliation?
  4. Never3ndr

    Independent Data Crunch on Trump Supporter Demographics

    I really haven't seen any recent work done on Trump's supporter demographics, so I compiled a bit of my own. I used the data from CNN's exits polls found here: 2016 Election Center And I specifically used the exit polls from South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, and North...
  5. Slade3200

    Pros/Cons of Presidential Candidates... Is Bloomberg the answer?

    Fact of the matter is... none of the top candidates show strong promise. Trump is great at firing people up and is by far the most entertaining candidate to listen to, however, he is so off the wall with his extreme ideas for immigration/national security and so reactionary with his defensive...

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