1. georgephillip

    Robert Reich: 14 Week "Wealth and Poverty" Class

    I'm unsure if a 14 week class each with a 120 minute You-Tube video lecture along with recommended readings is anything this board would be interested in or even if such a thread is "legal", but it could be useful to some posters: My course "Wealth and Poverty" starts right here next Friday...
  2. S

    A poor minimum drags on the median wage rate.

    A poor minimum drags on the median wage rate. the overwhelming majority of both USA's low and middle-income persons are employees, retirees, or those receiving benefits as surviving family members of such persons, or dependents of all these afore mentioned persons. Due to employers’ wage...
  3. G

    CDZ Why it's legally easier for a woman to choose a welfare parasite than a productive citizen?

    This question is DELETED from politic stackexchange by some liberal mod The topic is similar to this Which one can afford more children, a millionaire or a welfare parasite? ---- The way I understand how it works is the following. Imagine if a girl wants to choose a guy to knock her up. If she...
  4. S

    MSM Crickets on Data Showing Median Household Income Up

    Sure it can be argued that real world evidence of public policy takes time to show up and Democrats will say this is the result of Obama-era policy. And pessimists may say this is the boom before the next inevitable bust. But still, isn't a 4% jump in median income and an all-time high in...
  5. ricechickie

    Choose your worth?

    Question: is an employee always paid what they are worth? And does our job market prioritize which jobs are most important, and pay accordingly. I'm thinking of nursing vs. investment banking. Which one will people say they value more? Which one pays more? Is that a reflection on the value...

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