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income tax

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    CDZ Why it's legally easier for a woman to choose a welfare parasite than a productive citizen?

    This question is DELETED from politic stackexchange by some liberal mod The topic is similar to this Which one can afford more children, a millionaire or a welfare parasite? ---- The way I understand how it works is the following. Imagine if a girl wants to choose a guy to knock her up. If she...
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    Taxes upon corporations have sales tax like effect.

    Taxes upon corporations have sales tax like effect. Political conservatives are more likely believe those whose incomes are insufficient to be subject to federal income tax, pay no federal taxes and contribute nothing to USA's economy. They're also likely to be opposed to corporate taxes and...
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    CDZ The "fairtax" (H.R. 25), vs the Fair Share Balanced Budget Amendment

    . While the ringleaders of the “fairtax” claim the IRS will be closed down, the fairtax is intentionally designed to create two new tax collecting agencies, the “Excise Tax Bureau” and a “Sales Tax Bureau”, not to mention it keeps the “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms” open for business...
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    A populist tax proposal

    A populist tax proposal. Refer to federal revenue sources pie graph - Google Search Sources of federal government’s revenues, 3-year average 2009 – 2011. 44.21% Individual income taxes. 39% Social Security taxes, (employees and employers each pay 7.65% of payroll based taxes). 8% Corporate...

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