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  1. ding

    The Visible World

    The following are my beliefs which in part come from my faith. I believe God created the material world and everything in it. Please feel free to discuss. God himself created the visible world in all its richness, diversity and order. Scripture presents the work of the Creator symbolically as a...
  2. ding

    Is virtue the greatest organizing principle known to man?

    Is virtue the greatest organizing principle known to man? The short answer is yes. Virtue is the foundation of a harmonious and orderly society. Virtue is the glue that holds communities and societies together. Our Founding Fathers believed that virtue and morality were indispensable pillars...
  3. ding

    Are there moral laws like physical laws?

    Everyone accepts that there are physical laws. If you jump off a building and try to fly by flapping your arms, gravity will take hold and you will fall. The consequences of violating physical laws are immediate and cannot be disputed. So are there moral laws as well? I say yes. So why do I...

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