gun grabbers

  1. toobfreak

    The Left: Absolutely Committed To Grabbing All Youtr Guns

    For years I've heard it all: "WE DON'T WANT TO TAKE YOUR GUNS, WE JUST WANT COMMON SENSE REGULATIONS!" All the Derps here have repeated this lie over and over. Now revealed: Kamala Harris, the "If You Vote For Me, I'll Promised To Get Guns Off The Streets" candidate. Kamala Harris will call...
  2. defcon4

    Guy registers guns online, gets raided by cops and charged with felony in California

    Here is this guy from a prominent farming family who wanted to comply with California's new gun law requiring gun registration. He is a good law abiding citizen and goes online to register his guns. Next thing you know, he gets raided and charged with multiple felony possession. Hahaha... that's...
  3. woz75

    White House: Obama Worried Not Enough Time Left to Confiscate All Guns

    I'm sure our President is hastely working 'round the clock to see his vision of disarming each and every law abiding citizen of all their firearms - any day now - be ready Patriots :) White House: Obama Worried 'Not Enough Time Left' To Confiscate All Guns

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