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green energy

  1. Litwin

    Terrible news for Moscow empire (a gas station masquerading as a country) "Finland decreases its Urals purchases as it turns to green energy"

    does it mean that we has passed oil peak already ? if so , whats all despots are gonna do ? KSA, Muscovy, first of all ? " In 2020 the state imported 8.9 million tonnes, 16% less compared to 2019, according to Refinitiv Eikon. Urals oil exporters that are used to Finland as a large buyer will...
  2. deanrd

    The GOP’s hatred of green energy reminds me of their hatred for LED bulbs.

    The GOP’s hatred of green energy reminds me of their hatred for LED bulbs. Remember all the articles at the USMB on LED bulbs and how awful they were and how expensive they were and how they were no good? All the ridicule and name-calling and even accusing LED bulbs of being a left-wing...
  3. The Original Tree

    One Area We Can Agree With on The Green New Deal: Geophysical Energy

    Before those of you who do not know me accuse me of being a Liberal, a Global Warmer, or a Globalist, let me tell you that I do not at all agree with Anthropological Global Warming. Climate Change has been here before man, and it will be here after man. I also am no fan of The Green New Deal...
  4. P@triot

    Revolutionary Paint Can Turn Heat Into Electricity

    Interesting will be a great day when every home is self-powered through solar, geothermal, etc. and the entire electrical grid can be scrapped. Having a single-point of failure like we currently have is just too unstable. An added bonus will be ridding us of the eyesore that is all...
  5. A

    Once again, Venezuela "Feeling the Bern" of socialism

    There is one really good aspect of the left-wing in Venezuela. Unlike here in a America, where they implement socialism in incremental steps, resulting in the boiled frog syndrome, they at least dived into socialism head first. Thus we can see the results of all the idiotic stupid policies...
  6. American_Jihad

    The Green Witch Hunt

    Money the thing that makes the 1% clintons tick... The Green Witch Hunt A crusading attorney general aims to hurt ExxonMobil after it stopped funneling money to the Clintons. April 4, 2016 Matthew Vadum Led by agenda-setting New York State and radical left-winger Al Gore the progressive...

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