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  1. Robert Urbanek

    No crowds at golf? Fine with me

    While golf commentators lament the loss of spectators on the links during the pandemic, I find the silence refreshing. The conduct of the crowds has been going downhill anyway, with spectators yelling comments only a fraction of a second after the player hits the ball. I would think the players...
  2. deanrd

    Between golf, tweets, and lying, does Trump have time to govern?

    Between golf, tweets, and lying, does Trump have time to govern? I saw on the news they said Donald Trump has tweeted more than 3000 times in just this year. He’s already smashed the record for golf and paying for presidential vacations. And he lies so often they had to make a brand new...
  3. deanrd

    Trump on Obama: Golf, golf, golf, golf, more, more, more. I would never play golf. I'd work!

    What do Republicans think about that now? Remember the complaints about Obama? Right here on the USMB? How many times has President Donald Trump played golf while in office? Why is it OK for Trump playing more than 8 times than Obama at the cost of tens of millions of dollars of tax payer...
  4. TheProgressivePatriot

    Hawaii Panic-Trump Keeps Playing Golf

    Everyone is familiar with the unfortunate events in Hawaii on January 13 when the entire state was thrown into panic mode over a false report of an incoming nuclear war head. After reading about a dozen accounts of incident, I realized that one important piece of information was missing. What...
  5. P@triot

    Politifact Launches Trump Golf Tracker

    This seriously pisses me off on two levels: 1. President Trump shot his mouth off time and time again about how he would be "working". And so far, I see an awful lot of playing going on. We didn't elect him to golf - he needs to get his ass in the Oval Office and start pounding out solutions...

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